Weight Management Exercise Specialist - EQF L5

Job Purpose
A Weight Management Exercise Specialist (WMES) has a role which includes designing, implementing, evaluating and supervising exercise/physical activity programmes for overweight and obese individuals by collecting and analysing client information to ensure the effectiveness and safety of personal exercise programmes.

As part of a team with other professionals, however, a WMS can contribute significantly and uniquely in helping the overweight and obese clients to improve their health and life through a monitored and specific exercise programme.

Occupational Description
Weight Management Exercise Specialists are fitness professionals who are using an individualized approach, to assess and motivate overweight and obese clients to an active and healthy lifestyle. They also have the priority to educate and provide the training of this type of special population. The

Weight Management Exercise Specialist will analyse and evaluate clients’ health and fitness needs, they work either preventively or therapeutically and are always in a multidisciplinary collaboration with healthcare professionals.

Occupational Roles
The Weight Management Exercise Specialist should be able to:

  1. Analyse and implement an exercise management programme for this metabolic disorder;
  2. Employ exercise protocols within the realm of personal training for overweight and obesity;
  3. Examine and integrate physicians’ recommendations into the personal training exercise programme for overweight and obese clients;
  4. Educate the overweight and obese participant on the response of the body to exercise, during and after exercise;
  5. Identify safe, effective, and targeted prehabilitation exercises for this special population;
  6. Recognize and respond to emergency situations;
  7. Receive referrals from and refer clients to other healthcare providers as appropriate;
  8. Promote an active and healthy lifestyle as a major preventive and life long process in order to affect positively and inspire optimally these clients.