EREPS Master Trainer

The EREPS Master Trainer Profile is a way to recognise those EREPS Members that have a continued commitment and passion for our sector. Achieving Master Trainer status with EREPS will identify you as having considerable practice-based experience evidenced over an extended period in the fitness and physical activity sector. It will serve as recognition of your on-going commitment to continuing professional development and highlight the high level of knowledge and skills you possess.

The EREPS Master Trainer Profile is an opportunity to join an elite category of membership and evidence to clients and employers your professional advancement.

Master Trainer Application

To hold EREPS Master Trainer status you must:

  • Be a current member of EREPS in your chosen discipline

  • Make a one-time, non-refundable payment of €50

  • Update in full your EREPS Member Profile

  • Update your Lifelong Learning Record (LLP Dashboard) with your last 3 years continued professional development activities (this should demonstrate a clear strategy of career development)

and complete the detailed application form providing the following evidence:

  • Reference letters from clients/employers

  • Demonstrate 3000 hours of professional practice over a minimum of 3 years through:

    • A personal statement of who you are, why you think should be considered for the EREPS Master Trainer status and how you uphold the EREPS Code of Practice

    • An updated detailed Resume/Curriculum Vitae detailing your work experience in the discipline

Once your application and payment are received the submission will be checked by the *International Registrar and EuropeActive Accreditation Panel. If any clarification or additional information is required you will be contacted by our EREPS Membership team.

If your Master Trainer application is successful you will be sent an email of confirmation together with a unique 'Master Trainer Certificate of Registration' which will detail the Master Trainer status, discipline and *EQF level.

Please note;

*Holding EREPS Master Trainer status will not alter your current EQF level on the register.

*Decisions on applications are at the discretion of the International Registrar and EuropeActive Accreditation Panel

EREPS Master Trainer is for EREPS members only. Applications may be made through the member dashboard, click the link below to log in: