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RAD Mobility 1: Foundations of Self Myofascial Release and Recovery

Learn how the latest research surrounding the nervous system, muscles, fascia, movement, ​
and mobility and stability exercises can immediately be applied to create the most effective fitness and lifestyle plans for yourself and your clients.

Also learn the contraindications to SMR and create mobility and stability programs for your clients that can propel both mobility and recovery. Do you know how applying these topics can enhance a person’s strength, power output, injury prevention and much more? Find out now!


The objective of this course is to train coachs in sports nutrition.
We start with the basics of nutrition in Module 1: nutrients and their different functions in the body. It also addresses issues related to some nutrients (cholesterol, diabetes, gluten and lactose intolerances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies). The participant is therefore able to analyze a blood test and list various sources for nutrients.

FMI Corrective Exercise Specialist

Bu eğitimin ana odak noktası, insan hareketini geliştirmek için kullanılabilecek strateji ve teknikler sunmaktır. Neden hareket üzerine odaklanıyoruz? Bazı istatistiklere göz atarsanız bu ve benzeri problemlerin engellenmesi ve ötelenmesinde hareket etmenin ne kadar önemli olduğunu anlarsınız. Günümüzde toplum bireylerinin %-90’ının yaşamının herhangi bir döneminde en az bir kez bel ağrısı çektikleri saptanmıştır. Kısacası hemen hemen herkes hayatının bir döneminde bel ağrısı problemi yasamaktadır.

Functional Training

Fonksiyonel antrenman fonksiyonel anatomi ve biyomekaniği uygulamalı bir biçiminde, öğrenilmesini sağlar. Ayrıca yerçekimi, zemin reaksiyon kuvveti, kütle ve momentumun üç planlı hareketin ve yenilikçi egzersiz araçlarının kullanıma yönelik bir egzersiz programı oluşturma becerisi kazandırarak yükleri tüm kinetik zincir boyunca dağıtmak için entegre eğitim teknikleri kullanma uygulamalarını inceler. Verimsiz hareket vücut üzerinde olumsuz strese neden olabilir. Bazıları için, bu stres ağrıya ve egzersiz yapma arzusunun azalmasına neden olabilir.

Functional Tools Coach


Course Name: Functional Tools Coach (FTC)
Why Should You Consider This Course?
The landscape of the gym has changed significantly within the last decade. There has been a monumental shift from gyms that are filled with cardio equipment and pin loaded machines to open spaces that have tools such as kettlebells, battling ropes and suspension trainers. The popularity of these tools and programmes using these tools is immense and offering them is a necessity to incorporate functional movements into yourclients's sessions.

Barre Where You Are Barre Instructor Training

Barre Where You Are’s Instructor Training focuses on the basis of Barre, what makes an excellent instructor and how to construct and deliver a high-quality and safe class.  An anatomy overview will be provided in relation to Barre and the exercises and planes of motion introduced. Movements and exercises will be demonstrated, broken down and explained to ensure students have a thorough understanding of how to execute the movement and engage the appropriate muscles.