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Fitness Nutrition Specialist

It helps Health, Fitness and Nutritionists develop the necessary knowledge to integrate science into their practice and in particular to enable dieticians to discover their client's role in exercise nutrition, while Sports instructors develop the knowledge needed to understand their role in the industry. It contains basic information for your clients in the fitness industry to improve your skills on how to get better results on the relationship between nutrition and exercise.

Sports Nutrition Specialist

Turkish Sports Industry Association under the leadership of Turkey's Health and Fitness sector is delighted to deliver online "Sports Nutrition Specialist Program", Health, Fitness and Nutrition to integrate expert on nutrition information on the application and to ensure that they explore the role of their clients' sports nutrition helps the necessary information for development. It contains basic information for your clients to improve your skills on how you can get better results on the relationship between nutrition and exercise. Sport, Nutrition and Health is an inseparable whole.

Certified Nutrition Coach

Product Concept Statement
A comprehensive nutrition coaching certification for entry level and experienced fitness
professionals (i.e., personal trainers, group exercise instructors, wellness coaches)
delivered in an immersive online experience that combines current evidence-based
information on the science of nutrition along with behavior change and coaching
strategies to accommodate any client.

BOSU® HIIT Extreme

Summary/description of BOSU® HIIT Extreme On-Line Course:

Intense, focused, efficient, challenging, rewarding, and jam-packed with action from start to finish. Learn the science of high intensity interval training and its application to both fitness and sport. Take home a variety of short, plug-n-play high intensity interval sequences that are realistic for both high level athletes and mere mortals, and are guaranteed to raise your heart rate, fitness level, calorie expenditure and the FUN factor!


FSSAs Sports nutrition is an advanced level course that provides you with an understanding of the principles of sports nutrition and its practical application to both elite and recreational athletes. You will be required to examine the role of nutrition for the sports participant in terms of maintaining overall health, while meeting the specific demands of training and competition.