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Barre Where You Are Barre Instructor Training


Barre Where You Are?s Instructor Training focuses on the basis of Barre, what makes an excellent instructor and how to construct and deliver a high-quality and safe class.  An anatomy overview will be provided in relation to Barre and the exercises and planes of motion introduced. Movements and exercises will be demonstrated, broken down and explained to ensure students have a thorough understanding of how to execute the movement and engage the appropriate muscles. The workshop also provides modifications and corrections so instructors are able to teach both safely and effectively, which will allow the class to be tailored to meet individuals needs. Musicality and transitions will also be introduced, along with explanations of the three main types of learners. The intended audience of this training are those who are interested in becoming a Barre Instructor but may not have a strong barre or teaching background, along with those who are certified instructors in other aspects of exercise but would like to add Barre to their repertoire.


Learning Outcomes:

1. Students will be able to correctly articulate and demonstrate each movement and exercise provided in the course manual whilst understanding the muscles engaged.
2. Students will be able to provide modifications and corrections of exercises to ensure a safe and effective class.
3. Students will be able to construct and deliver a class structure that is effective and balanced, demonstrating smooth transitions between each exercise, song and section.


LLP Category:

Course - Face to Face

Suitable For:

Fitness Instructor (EQF L3), Group Fitness Instructor (EQF L3)

Learning Type:

LLP Category 1

Learning Hours:




All attendees will be expected to teach a class at the end of the training to the group. They will be evaluated on proper class ettiquette, communication skills, musicality, transitions and understanding of exercises and the muscles involved. 


United Kingdom, United States