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StretchNDance Fitness


Course Description:
- It is a 2 day course (16 hours), we also provide additional coaching and practice sessions post the training
with the respective master trainer for 8 hours. These 8 hours are spread over two months. This is basically
done to ensure that StretchNDance Instructors are efficient and skilled before they start teaching.
- In these 2 days we educate the trainees on the structure of the program, skill training and the bio
mechanisms. Most importantly we educate them to be mindful Instructors. We also focus on their
weakness and our team prepares a plan to help them overcome that weakness before they start teaching.
- We educate them on tonality as well, as it is a dance fitness which focuses on dancing injury free, it is very
important to train them with right usage of terminologies, right tone and body language.
- We work very hard on posture corrections and right usage of movement, by explaining each basic
movement of the program and its technique we enable the trainees to be focused and be mentally aware pf
their body movements and postures.
- We thoroughly educate them to be approachable, as we are a program with a vision of creating an impact
in people?s lives it is important to have an Instructor who builds great rapport and connection to give their
clients the best experience of StretchNDance Fitness.

Learning Outcomes:

-By the end of the training we create mindful Instructors.
-Knowledge of how we use injury management through Dance fitness.
-Right technicalities of movements.
-Balanced usage of the fitness components (Stretch, Strength, Cardio, Mobility, Stability, Rel


LLP Category:

Course - Face to Face

Suitable For:

Fitness Instructor (EQF L3)

Learning Type:

LLP Category 1

Learning Hours:




As per assessment we keep it strict where the trainees are given 14 days post the course  to prepare and send us a demo video of them doing the class, once we receive the video we carefully assess them on the parameters given below (we have provided them with study guide and choreographies from which they learn):
-communication ( Body cues, Verbal cues)
-movement orientation (are they following the movements the way it is structured)
- as we have relaxation  in the end of the routine, we check if they are using the right terms, tonality and guiding the class to achieve 100% relaxation.
We also have the founder Sumaiya hosting regular master classes where she meets Instructors to educate them further. To ensure there is quality her master trainers host regular meets to check upon the set- backs and quality of classes. Her team is readily available for instructors to get in touch for guidance and support.
NOTE : clarity on Mid sequences- Mid sequences are nothing but the sequences in between the warmup and conditioning where intensity is high, in mid sequences we focus on sequences which is choreographed keeping Cardio+Strength+dynamic stretches. And these sequences are for a duration of 25 Minutes].