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Sleep Recovery Specialist


The Sleep Recovery Specialist (SRS) is an online, continuing professional development course that helps fitness professionals gain the knowledge and skills necessary to support and guide a client?s behaviours and actions to positively impact their sleep.

The SRS clearly defines the scale of sleep problems in Western society and justifies the need for increased public education and support to reverse the negative impact of modern sleep loss. Qualified fitness professionals are already in place all around the world, supporting and helping individuals with the first 2 pillars of health, namely exercise and diet. The fitness profession is, therefore, perfectly positioned to support a wide spectrum of the public in addressing the 3rd pillar of health, namely sleep!

The SRS covers important subjects and skills necessary to serve as a fully trained advisor on non-medical sleep problems. It provides an in-depth knowledge base, the important sleep assessment tools, and a wide range of effective strategies for supporting clients to improve their sleep habits and behaviours. The course is fully referenced with more than 65 citations from the current sleep science literature (as of 2018). The SRS has also been supported by leading sleep coaches and sleep scientists who are featured within our e-learning via personal 1 to 1 video interviews on their specialist subjects.

Improve your client?s sense of happiness and wellbeing, improve their health risk markers, reduce their risk of obesity and diabetes, improve their daily energy and alertness, reduce their appetite and sweet cravings, improve their recovery from physical training, increase their muscle building potential, and achieve all of this through learning how to improve their sleep. Stand out from the crowd and become a skilled and certified Sleep Recovery Specialist with Nordic Fitness Education!

Learning Outcomes:

All of the learning outcomes are clearly mapped out in the course syllabus per unit of study. 


LLP Category:

Course - Online / Distance

Suitable For:

Fitness Instructor (EQF L3), Group Fitness Instructor (EQF L3), Personal Trainer (EQF L4)

Learning Type:

LLP Category 1

Learning Hours:




The course contains 5 lessons. The primary knowledge within each lesson is assessed at the end of the section by means of an online quiz that covers all primary learning criteria. The pass mark for each individual quiz is 70%. Each end of section quiz also contributes a 10% portion towards the final course grade, therefore the 5 quizzes deliver a maximum of 50% towards the final grade.

The remaining 50% of the overall grade is obtained by means of a final case study exam. The students are provided with case study scenario, which includes sleep assessment documentation, summary and strategy planning forms. Following the completion of these documents and the successful creation of an effective strategy by the student, they will then be required to complete a final online quiz to demonstrate their knowledge of the case study client, the client?s sleep needs, sleep priorities and potential sleep strategies. This final online exam also has a 70% pass mark.

The final course grade will be an aggregate grade that combines the 5 short lesson quizzes and the final case study exam. The total aggregate score required to pass the course is also 70%.