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Kettlebell Workshop


The Kettlebell, also called Gyria, is a Russian training tool from the 18th century. Kettlebells have been used for several decades by the Russian special forces for their physical preparation.
It is a tool to strengthen muscles and for the physical preparation very interesting to work on core, explosiveness and muscle strength, and works on endurance. Because peoples Kettlebell knowledge is often limited to only two or three movements, the possibilities of the Kettlebell are often not optimally used. A Kettlebell workout is technical and challenging and gives you, as a Personal Trainer, many possibilities to train your client.
During this basic workshop you will learn the technique of about twenty movements with one or two Kettlebells. You also learn, for each exercise, proposals for regression and progression, depending on the level of your client / athlete. The method used for the layout of the exercises is based on the OPT ? model (Optimum Performance Training) developed by NASM.

Learning Outcomes:

During this workshop the student will learn how to integrate the Kettlebell into his training programs and at the same time offer variation in the training programs he provides his clients with.
After the workshop the student should be able to:
- Integrate the use of the Kettlebell as efficiently as possible in your training sessions;
- Determine which exercise to apply and how to implement it for the sessions: stabilization, strength and power;
- To coach and correct your clients the right way during a Kettlebell workout;
- Apply all movements that are possible with a Kettlebell, considering the posture and safety of your customers.


LLP Category:

Course - Face to Face

Suitable For:

Fitness Instructor (EQF L3), Group Fitness Instructor (EQF L3)

Learning Type:

LLP Category 1

Learning Hours:




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