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International Congress of Athletic Performance and Health in Sports


The International Congress of Athletic Performance and Health in Sports will take place in Istanbul between October 25-27, 2019, at Nisantasi University Neotech Campus. The congress is hosted by Athletic Performance Coaches Association of Turkey (SPKD), Nisantasi University Physical Education and Sports Training Faculty. The training program includes a 3 day scientific program, and workshops offered by Athletic House Academy, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and guest international presenters.
The theme of the congress is "Bridging the gap between science and practice", and this is an initiative to opening up multidisicplinary dialogue between academic and practicing professionals in the field. Therefore, the congress is aims to unite, university professors, researchers, athletes, performance coaches and trainers as well as allied professionals such as sports and exercise psychologists, sports medicine and rehabilitation professionals, fitness instructors.
Major topics to be addressed are,

multidisiciplinary approach in sports performance,

technology use in sports performance,

nutrition in sports,

psychological endurance in sports,

use of  statictics in performance ,

periodisation in athletic performance,

recovery paradox,

concussion in sports,

evolving physiological requirements for tennis players.
Workshop provided by international expert presenters and master trainers adress periodisation, olympic lifting, complex-core stabilisation training, corrective exercises, plyometric and ballistic exercises. The congress will be preceded by an international certification training for Obesity and Weight Management Specialist by Alexis Batrakoulis, who also shares the same vision as the congress: bridging the gap. 
Attendees will be awarded with a certificate of participation, accredited by Turkish Body Building and Fitness Federation, Turkish Soccer Federation, Turkish Basketball Federation, Turkish Association of Soccer Trainers, Turkish Wrestling Federation, North Cyprus Soccer Federation among other associations. 

Learning Outcomes:

The congress aims to provide the attendees with a multidisciplinary approach to athletic training, to enhance understanding of performance enhancement as a life-long, multifaceted, integrated training process while opening a platform for dialogue between different agents in the field, from scientific professionals to athletes, from research to application and to shared experiences.

Attendees will be able to gain up-to-date information from area experts, as well as gain applicable skills training and experience in their areas of interest depending on their choice of workshops and conferences.

They will learn main discussions on the topics of,
-How multi-disiplinary approach can benefit athletic performance coaches, via understanding individual genetic background and metabolic blueprint of the individual athlete;
-The importance of providing sufficient and effective recovery program for athletes in enhancing their longevity in the profession as well as performance,
-Understanding injury prevention not only as a reaction to its presence but as a continuum to be managed, in terms of preventive measures, rehabilitation, and corrective exercises involving a variety of professionals
-Understanding why concussions have been a major focus in recent years and how coaches and athletes can approach this effectively,
-Understanding how statistical science is used to understand and enhance performance in sports,
-Understanding the importance of including sports and exercise science experts and clinical psychologists in the athletic enhancement team for enhancing psychological endurance and resilience,
-Learning about how athletes genetic codes can be studied and utilised for athletic performance by performance coaches ,
-Seeing the overall continuum of sports for all, and understanding exercise and sports connection to health,
- Understanding an overview of talent selection and lifelong athletic development from the point of view of sports facilities and trainers,
- Defining corrective exercises, and understanding their use in athletic performance enhancement
- An overview of technological devises that are used in athletic performance on a regular basis, and how they enrich our experiences,
-Defining functionality in relation to athletic performance enhancement training,
-Knowing assessments and measurement techniques used in athletic performance and how they enhance our practice
- How nutrition is used as a big part of performance enhancement

Attendees will gain basic theoretical background as well as practical skills in:
-How to approach, assess and train fitness clients with obesity/weight management issues, based on recent scientific findings,
-How Core Stabilisation is addressed and achieved in Training and Therapy with the Complex Core Method,
-What is the use of olympic lifting techniques in performance enhancement and how to deliver this technique to athletes,
-How periodisation can be planned in athletic performance,
-How to use corrective exercises in athletic training for specific needs and goals,
-How to use and instruct for plyometric and ballistic exercises for athletic performance.


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