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Your awareness about the concept of leadership will be increased. You will be able to distinguish between the leader and the manager more clearly. You will know yourself in more detail from a behavioral perspective. You will learn about your existing leadership skills. You will become aware of your strengths and limitations in leadership.
You will gain awareness to overcome the limited sides. You will see how you motivate and manage people. You will be informed about the way you make decisions and how you communicate. You will see how you develop people and your role in teamwork. You will become aware of how you manage time and stress. You will see the contribution of different leader profiles to the institution.

Learning Outcomes:

You will be an important part of your resume and will contribute to your job search and finding process.
This experience will give you priority when you apply to a similar organization in the future, anywhere in the world.
You will experience team spirit and athletes' spirit while learning teamwork, the most common working system of today, to achieve the goals that will increase as this great race joins the continents.
One-to-one relations with the representatives of the participating countries will contribute to the development of both our foreign language and general culture.
You will be able to make national and international connections for your professional career.
With social activities and trainings, you will have fun and enrich your personal development.
You will gain unique experiences and memories that can be described as friendships and future memories
You will see experts in this field and benefit from this experience.
Istanbul served as the giant organization that introduced the world to represent Turkey and will be part of the organizing committee.


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Conference / Seminar

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LLP Category 2

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There is no assessment for this conference.