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The Massive RideĀ®


The Massive Ride Class is a combination of 4 elements, mixed together to take you through a Massive Ride via HIIT training to improve your cardiovascular and strength endurance . It is a (HIIT Training workout) Where you can lift your heart rate, improve your cardiovascular endurance and burn fat through aerobic trainings and to build up your muscles strength endurance in a sprint intervals.
The video and subliminal waves motivate you and fill you of positive energy While the HIIT riding energizing your body, activates and empower your muscles and your cardiovascular endurance.
The class duration is one hour.

Learning Outcomes:

The Massive Ride course benefits:
1. The students will get material, video, and music for the latest release to train on it.
2. Students can keep themselves updated by buying quarterly releases that have new choreography, techniques, and music
3. Student will learn how to do and control the class by teaching them the cuing techniques
4. They will burn 600 ? 1200 calories during the class
5. The course schema will build up their strength and durability
6. The course will teach the students how to handle their attendees in case some get any injuries.


LLP Category:

Course - Face to Face

Suitable For:

Fitness Instructor (EQF L3), Group Fitness Instructor (EQF L3)

Learning Type:

LLP Category 1

Learning Hours:




After the course end, students will be given a 30 days of preparing and practicing of the release
Then they will record a video while they are doing the class considering the following points:
1. camera must be in 45 degree to watch and check all the techniques
2. must be at least 4 attendances during the class
Once the trainer finished the recording within the allowance period, must upload it privately to any of the file sharing online applications (Dropbox, OneDrive, WeTrasfer, Google Drive, etc) then sharing the link with full details as the following:
? Full name
? Training Name
? Training Date
? Training Location
? Ladies only assessment / General assessment
The assessment team will check the video and evaluated depends on the following criteria:
? Choreography: is the trainer apply the choreography in right way, and techniques
? Music: is the trainer follow the beats of the music while doing the class
? Cueing: is the trainer gives the right cues in the proper time, and positions
If the trainer matches all the previous points in the right way, will marked as passed and get the certificate, if not then the assessment team will send an email clarifying all the missing, wrongs points and will give another chance to retest again.
Special cases in Training:
? Ladies only assessments, FET assessment team always taking care in the following case (if the trainer chooses a lady only assessments) we guarantee that only a lady form assessment team will evaluate the recorded video.
? Pregnant, in pregnant case FET will give a long period for the trainer even after delivery to make sure she will be in good health and safe situation.
? Disabilities, this case always get a special care and support form FET academy to make people follow their passion and achieve their goals, and FET assessment team has special evaluation program for the disabilities.