CAWS' Flagship Online Course Rebuild™. The course teaches trainers and coaches how to rehabilitate an individual from COVID-19 and Long-COVID.

Membership to the course includes access to more than 60 videos and a monthly Live Q&A. A pass mark of 75% is required in an online assessment at the end of the course for the coach to graduate. After graduating from Rebuild™, the Rebuild™ Certified Coach will be listed on the CAWS Registry of Certified Coaches.

Learning Outcomes:

1. AIM. To position a client in a way that enables them success with exercise, because people who have had COVID-19 are more than likely to have had an on-off relationship with exercise, and have been unable to benefit from the best nutritional practices. We aim to empower the client through a journey that builds on success, that increases their competency and exercise tolerance in order to establish long term compliance. We will improve a person's experience with the exercise and health they achieve from the start, not overwhelm them with what they can and cannot do, and develop their independence and increased perceived value of taking part.
OBJECTIVE. Provide an objective template of client assessment that is sensitive to meaningful change over time and prescribe exercises that take in to account where they're commencing their journey from, and how we can improve their level of function, tolerance, and enjoyment with every session they engage in.

2.AIM. Measurably improve the client’s aerobic capacity, physical resilience (e.g. loaded movement, maximal strength) and functional ability (e.g. posture, rotation, dynamic movement, and develop complex movements).
OBJECTIVE. Prescribe intelligent and progressive exercise training programmes that develop the client across multiple dimensions of fitness during the recovery phase, and mid- to long-term.

3.AIM. You’ll learn meaningful gym-based physiological tests and how to appropriately interpret the data that can be applied to those already familiar with exercise, or those with varying health. We’ll expand on why this is crucial for the influence on, and overcoming of, illness. That is the science of the art, and where the intelligence starts. As the Coach, you're the one who has to come up with the solution. We'll coach you through how to influence what approach to take with the client and load the body to develop a change in response, and a broader baseline of tolerance for longer, and improvements in the parameters.
OBJECTIVE. Provide you with a well-devised curriculum of information that upskills you and your understanding of the key scientific principles that informs this type of practice. This is where the key learning kicks in.


LLP Category:

Course - Online / Distance

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LLP Category 1

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Learners have 20 minutes to complete 30 multiple-choice questions. The test is to be completed online and the questions will be based on the information that they have learnt. This test must be taken within 14 days of completing the programme content. The test has been designed so that leaners can graduate from Rebuild™ confident in administering, applying, and developing all of the knowledge, skills and tools that they have revisited and learnt in this programme. A pass mark of 75% is required to graduate. In the event that the learner scores lower than 75% on their first test, they will be given a second opportunity to complete the assessment. They will only be given two opportunities to complete the test in any 14-day period. This is to allow them the time to revisit anything they may need to before taking a retest. There is a maximum number of retests allowed.


Web based 'online' learning, Worldwide



A Club should choose Club Membership and an independent coach would choose Coach Membership.