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Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise


The Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise course will increase your knowledge and Strategies to correct posture and enhance performance. Posture is the balanced body position in which we hold our bodies while sitting, running, standing, walking, or lying down. Good posture means the balanced alignment of muscle against movement forces and gravity.
Posture deviation can occur as a result of daily life routine like sitting in a chair, looking down at the computer, workplace and ergonomics, excessive use of smartphones. not having a daily workout, and poor core stability. In addition, postural dysfunction (poor posture) can lead to serious muscular pain, skeletal pain, and muscular imbalance.
Postural dysfunction is a common problem for many people. Furthermore, poor posture can easily be corrected. But to maintain posture, you should activate the weak muscles in addition to stretching the tight muscles.
If you are planning to make a difference in fitness performance and client satisfaction, this interactive course will provide, demonstrate, teach, and analyze posture and corrective exercise in a creative and sequential order.

Learning Outcomes:

• Anatomical sings of posture dysfunction.
• Posture deviation description
• Static Posture assessment and analysis
• Dynamic posture assessment and analysis
• Corrective exercise program designing.
• Using the equipment and technology for postural assessment
• Practical cases of posture correction.


LLP Category:

Course - Online / Face to Face

Suitable For:

Personal Trainer (EQF L4)

Learning Type:

LLP Category 1

Learning Hours:




This course is a self-study module that contains a practical assignment and final quiz (30 multiple choices). The criteria for completing the course, bypassing grade of 75% or better signifies the successful completion of the practical assignment and final quiz. Participants can submit practical assignments as many times as needed to pass. However, the course has one final exam.