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Myzone University 301: Integrating Myzone into the Member Experience


Integrating wearable technology into your fitness programs takes time and effort and luckily Myzone is here to help! In this webinar, Myzone will provide you with the necessary tools to ensure you and your fitness staff have a firm grasp on how to integrate Myzone into all aspects of your member experience. From tracking fitness improvements to coaching to Myzone’s colour-coded effort zones, you will leave with the knowledge and confidence to make Myzone an integral part of your fitness programs. Packed with information that will add value to your fitness programs and increase member retention, this webinar includes top talking points, suggestions for exercise selection, recommendations for continued member engagement and a practical understanding of how to create Myzone Challenges and Classes.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand the benefits of effort tracking and how to incorporate it in your fitness programs to offer accountability.
2. Create a plan to integrate wearable technology into the member experience by offering the ability to measure and track progress and provide accountability during and in between training sessions.
3. Become proficient in programming and coaching to Myzone’s color-coded effort zones.
4. Gain the skills needed to create engaging Myzone challenges and classes that promote friendly competition and foster a sense of community amongst your members.


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Course - Online / Face to Face

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LLP Category 1

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English, German, Spanish