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Myzone Master Training aims to give all attendees the foundations and basic understandings of the feature and benefits of Myzone to enable them to deliver their relevant fitness product based on the 4 E’s and values of myzone. Attendees will understand how myzone is built on credibility of data and accuracy and understand how myzone aligns to the WHO guidelines on physical activity. For attendees to be able to deliver, with confidence the message and value of myzone, irrespective of their role within the facility. For attendees to experience a myzone class and have full understanding of effort zones and the application of this to heart rate training, so that they are able to make activity enjoyable, fun and accessible to all. Thus driving engagement, participation and retention of members and participants.

Learning Outcomes:

Learners will:
1. Understand who myzone are, what it does and why it supports clubs and trainers to coach. (The 4 E’s).
2. Understand how myzone and its features will support users to establish exercise habits based on WHO guidelines.
3. Be able to explain how wearable technology and gamification impact behavior change.
4. Understand the power of building communities in relation to building habit and additional engagement.
5. Learn best practices and application of myzone in different training capacities, from 1:1 to group session and key features and benefits of the Myzone App.
6. Understand belt mechanics and basic troubleshooting around set up.


LLP Category:

Course - Online / Face to Face

Suitable For:

Learning Type:

LLP Category 1

Learning Hours:




The students will be assessed throughout the training via observations based on the following:
1. The attendee is actively involved, engaged and participates fully throughout the training adhering to start and finish times as well as participating in the practical assessment.
2. The attendee has downloaded the app and registered their Myzone belt to the relevant facility ID.
3. The attendee is capable of demonstrating this to another person and will in the future be able to support a member to do this.
4. The attendee is able to trouble shoot some basic user error challenges with belt set up.
5. The attendee is able to explain what a MEP is and how this relates to the WHO guidelines on physical activity.
6. The attendee is able to understand Zone matches and how this could be used in a challenge format.
7. The attendee is able to create a MZ Chat/send messages and pictures.
8. The attendee understands the importance of the participants max HR and understands how and when to change it.
9. The attendee knows how to implement the 4 E’s.
10. The attendee can explain why myzone is suitable for everyone and how the system ‘level the playing field’ for users.
11. The attendee can explain the physical mechanics of the MZ-3 and the MZ-Switch being confident in which modality will be suitable for the position it is worn.


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