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Hi there!
I’m Emily, a Dane/Australian adventurous spirit with a love for health and fitness - and an ambition to share this with others💪

I’ve been physically active my whole life, with a passion for European Handball🤾‍♂️
Unfortunately I endured ACL-knee injuries to both knees at the age of 15 and 17 - at age 19 I realised that the dream of a future focused around handball was unattainable. Through lengthy injury-recovery I developed a love for fitness and progression in strength - a new passion was discovered.
I especially have a love for weight-training, as well as functional training - I love the process of growth which never ends; the feeling of becoming stronger and more functional is addictive!

Now, finally, I am a certified personal trainer and nutritionist - learning in depth about this interest has been a blast💥

I have an ambition to help others toward a love for mind and body - simply toward a more balanced and fulfilled self, through health, fitness and lasting habits.
I also hope to be a source of information. Myths about health and fitness, as well as an unhealthy online fitness environment should be debunked.
By being a support, motivator and fitness buddy, I hope to aid people along with their journey in training:)

Exercise has an enormous positive influence in all aspects of life and does not need to be a task, but, instead a choice - this is what I hope to spread☀️

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