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Personal Trainer

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My latest title here as Personal Trainer is a master in Slimming and Hypertrophy. This master comes after a lot of work in Functional Physical Preparation and Tactical Training, which I believe should always be the strong base for a proficuous development.

I describe my journey in physical preparation as a path of growing consciousness.

My first love in sport has been volleyball, I practiced that and I went and took pupils to national schools with national champions to specialize.

I spent one third of my life in kickboxing and combat sports. I reached the degree of trainer and second degree black belt.

Yoga and BJJ taught me that I was into another type (more internal) of fighting, so I specialized in physical preparation.

I found my dimension in Hebertism and made it my mission to educate people to be strong and healthy to be helpful. To do so, I constantly study movement in its finest details, to make the most accurate synthesis I can.

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