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Vanessa Huwé

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Pilates Teacher

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Wellness is my passion! Living in Brussels, Belgium, I have been an avid mover since childhood. I practice athleticism, dance for five years and then moved into fitness training and cardio training. After some injuries, I decided to follow Pilates classes an I realized how small controlled movement allows a deep mind-body connection resulting in increased strength and overall well-being. The movement supports the body and mind in mysterious ways.
In 2022, I join a teacher training program at Corpus Studios to become a Mat Pilates teacher. Afterwards, I choose to complete with a reformer training with Stott Pilates for a different approach. As I am eager to work aboard in the future it is important to have this international recognition. I used to work in international atmosphere as in the hotel and wellness industry.
I am also massage therapist and herbalist. Having a natural holistic approach to health, I aim to help clients gain body awareness and reach functional health by strengthening both body and mind in a playful challenging way.
My passion for teaching comes across in every class, which can be offered in French, English, Dutch or Italian.

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