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Personal Trainer, Graduate Exercise Professional, Master Trainer - Personal Trainer

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I'm a Sport Science graduated, Master Trainer, Master in Physical Education Teaching, Certified Personal Trainer L6, and Inventor with two pending patent in the gym equipment industry.

I've been working as a PT since 2012, but got my first Fitness course back in 2008 (Physical Conditioning Course 285hs with diploma). In 2009 I've started the University with a Bsc. in Sport Sciences, and during those 5 years I've done many training related courses (hiit training, functional training, group class instructor, fitness instructor, injury prevention, pregnancy training, sport marketing and others). In 2014 I've got the NSCA-CPT, University graduated and since there I've been seeking for as much knowledge by joining into pretty much every possible course I could asssit and webinars from the NSCA (license valid until dec. 2022). In 2016 I've got the Msc. Degree in Physical Education Teaching. Since 2016 so far I've continued educating myself to improve my PT skills and biomechanics knowledge. I've specialized in Injury prevention and Rehab, and since then I've been working full time as a Personal Trainer.

My first job as a full time Personal Trainer was in 2014, where I started as a EMS PT, and ended up becoming studio manager. I've changed in 2015 for another studio where I was Studio Manager and Head PT, and also I’ve started working with some clients to build my own business. I've started and built a bootcamp in Marbella.

In association with another coach, we’ve founded a PT Studio in 2016. After a year I've decided to start my solo ride and own an independent business as VIP PT and since there I'm working on my own business. Durin my SOLO ride. I've realised the need of some tools to market personal trainers and fitness entrepreneurs, and found the need of working in order to help others to get more clients, save time and perform a better PT career.

The road so far I've trained hundreds of clients from all over the world, helped few PT studio from the building to start the business and I'm proud to say that all the marketing techniques and people behaviour's studies have allowed me to develop a big client retention %, and as the result I'm working basically with 80% of the same people during the last 3-4 years.

Combining with my functions of PT I'm also coaching coaches and gym owners where I help them to improve their fitness career with technical knowledge, trianing software and education about career development. I also collaborate in students education with Bodyfight PT-School.

I owe few business, since the beginning of 2021 I launched a startup project where I design professional and private home gyms.

I'm also an inventor, and I have 2 pending patents, one from a home gym device, and another one for a Training System.

I'm very passionate about fitness, health and I love doing what I do. I really like to work with other coaches, and I'm happy to work in a very positive environment, with nice people and I still enjoy of creating new gym ideas, equipment and concepts.

For me, reading and learning everyday about training, business and getting the tools to help others, is really my passion.

If you are on the Fitness Industry let's connect!

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