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Group Fitness Instructor

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I have been teaching Zumba for the last 8 years and have developed 5 regular classes that meet every week. I have the ethos and belief that exercise is for everyone and that if everyone is welcomed and supported they can benefit from and enjoy the Zumba experience. This approach has proved popular and successful. I developed my practice into the area of Zumba gold in 2017 offering seated Zumba to local care and nursing homes. This has also proved very popular and has delivered real benefits to the participants in terms of mobility and mental agility.

Delivering 6 seated Zumba programmes including stretching per month in Nursing and Care homes working with elderly patients with physical and mental health problems and also in one home with people with injuries involving brain trauma which has impacted physically,mentally and emotionally. I work closely with the activities coordinators and staff and the movement and music of Zumba has proved to be very beneficial.

I am a part of the Zumba Instructor Network and receive regular updates and news related to the Zumba community and the wider fitness industry.

Finally, I am passionate about stretching and am always reading about exercises and stretches that can improve flexibility and maintain a healthy body especially within the special population.

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