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Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

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I am a Qualified Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer, with over ten years practice in the fitness industry.

I has excellent knowledge and background involvement within the industry, with first-hand experience having competed in various men’s fitness competitions.

I have extensive comprehension of different body types, needs, and requirements.
I view problems as challenges, this involves me first gaining a good understanding of my clients needs, creating a solution that integrates into and supports their lives, whilst nourishing their bodies.

Fitness journey.

I began bodybuilding at the age of 16, which influenced my decision to study a level 2 and level 3 PT course.
I then used this knowledge and in 2015 I decided to compete in Miami Pro using these skills, I reduced to a 5% body fat.
It was a challenge and an experience that has stayed with me, putting in the hard work and not placing, gave me a desire to try something new.
I then decided to learn another form of training, this is where I discovered Calisthenics Gymnastics and CrossFit.

I started learning the fundamentals enjoying the process of being able to use your own body weight.
For two years, I was able to do muscle ups on the rings and learning the hand stand walk this enabled me to break records in London pure gym in Enfield which included 1000 pull ups in 3hours 20min.
After this, I felt I had learnt as much as there was to know in these fields and wanted to try a new direction, one which would push me out of my comfort zone further...I knew there was one place that I was afraid of and that was fighting in a cage!
I made the decision to leave everything in London in 2016 to start a new career with an opportunity of going to work in Eastbourne and train in a MMA gym called Sparta MMA, I trained there for 2 years.
I wanted to unravel why I had a fear of combat, so chose to fight.
This lead to 2 professional fights; one in a cage and the other in a ring.
This gave me added insight into my coaching career.
Combat was another merited contribution along the way.

I wanted to gain deeper background expertise about the limits and fears one may have in any form of training.

So that I could use this understanding when it comes to teaching and sharing with clients.

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