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Francine Raveney

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Fitness Instructor, Pilates Teacher

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I teach Pilates with a focus on stretching exercises and exercises for those who might not usually choose to do exercise.
My focus is on well-being and I have a special focus on sport for all, especially for the 45+ age group.
I adapt every class (mainly online) to the needs of the client and focus on modifications of the original Pilates mat-based exercises to ensure that the exercises are as beneficial as possible. I regularly follow workshops to ensure that I can incorporate as many new exercise variations to my portfolio and nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing my clients enjoy their classes, gain core strength and start to include Pilates as part of their holistic well-being.
In addition to being a stress buster, Pilates allows you to gain greater knowledge of your own body and is a really useful tool for adapting an overall healthier lifestyle.
I have a sunny disposition and as a manager I have a good understanding of the stresses and strains of the workplace and business travel, so I make sure my classes are flexible in terms of availability. I speak fluent English, French and Spanish.
I also have the CQP ALS AGEE qualification and am an official Educateur Sportif in France. I am currently preparing the Level 3 Exercise Referral qualification.
No reason not to start sport today. :-)

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