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I qualified with a Master Personal Trainer Diploma in August 2009 and have been working full-time as a self-employed Personal Trainer since that time, with the business name 'Move 4 Fitness'.

Throughout that time, I have continued to enhance my level of knowledge and skill with yearly education, and also added Sports Massage Therapist to my list of qualifications at the end of 2017. My area of specialism is in corrective exercise - I have worked with people of all ages and have seen great results for people struggling with adaptive posture conditions such as forward head syndrome, hyper kyphosis and scoliosis - helping clients to improve their daily ability in life by becoming more mobile, less pained, and generally stronger and fitter.

In 2019 I enrolled at Leeds Beckett University to study a BSc(Hons) in Sport and Exercise Therapy. Unfortunately covid struck during the second semester of the 1st year, and I decided not to continue my education at that point, given the course could not be suitably taught remotely. I completed my first year with a first-class award, with an overall grade of 81%. This was hugely disappointing to me but the right decision, bearing in mind that the following 2 years would be significantly impacted with lockdowns and restrictive measures.

I'm looking forward to continuing my education, to be able to provide a better service to my clients and while I'm unable to use my remedial massage therapy skills here in France, I'm sure that the wealth of information I have accumulated over the years will allow me to continue to provide a high level of skill and service to my clients going forward, using a variety of additional methods to help support their health goals.

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