Anna Bogdanova


Personal training, strength training, micro exercise, behaviour change, digital training

About Anna

Specialist in long-lasting change & strategies for strengthening physique, health and self-image. Anna's expertise is highly tailored micro-interventions with domino effect - movement and habits that prevent and relieve stress & pain and enhance strength and resilience.

Anna has been granted “Talent 100” award by Berlingske Business in 2019 - for “taking over, where health care system lets go” and teaching her clients how to create better quality of life through training and lifestyle changes.

Anna has an academic background in business administration, psychology and behaviour design, which she combines with ongoing education in training physiology, modern pain theory, movement therapy and stress management.

Anna Bogdanova is passionate about solving the crisis of physical inactivity (which costs Europe 3 times more than smoking) with micro-interventions - and has written several books on the subject, latest of them being “Painless - saying goodbye to fatigue, stress and pain”.

Innovation driven super-learner with innate skill to move people by capturing heart of emotion, Anna thrives engineering health promoting contagious ideas.


What is your favourite exercise?

At the moment it's the Swiss Army knife of all exercises - 2-hands-anyhow.

The job is to get two kettlebells off the floor and overhead - in any way. I can snatch one kettlebell, squat after the other and get up. I can clean&press, hinge and press again.

2-hands-anyhow combines almost every movement pattern in one exercise. I love the thought of that - because I hate to limit myself ;)

What is the best and worst fitness related purchase you have ever made?
The best: The kettlebell. A (wo)man's best friend.

Training with a kettlebell is minimalistic and allows you to recruit a huge amount of muscle in a short time frame. The thing I love about kettlebell training is the "what the heck" effect. One single exercise (especially the ballistic ones like swing and snatch, but also the grinds like getups and 2-hands-anyhow) can give you whole body functional strength, power, resilience and metabolic conditioning.

The worst: Hip Thruster.

700 GBP for a very heavy piece of machinery in which you can do one thing, hip thrusters (with bands, though).

What was I thinking... It's the opposite of kettlebells (which means micromanagement).
Seriously, I've used it 3 times in 6 years. Maybe I should start deadlifting it instead.

What fad or trend do you hope comes back?

Old school strength training and bodybuilding of the 70'ies and 80'ies.

The quality of every single rep... the patience... the skill of strategic progression - all are virtues worthy reinforcing in modern day training. stead.