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May 07th, 2020
This article is brought to you by our friends from the American Council on Exercise. Ask a new client about his or her goals and the answer is often along the lines of, “lose weight and tone up.” Meeting the first goal is relatively straight forward—adhering to an exercise program to increase energy expenditure while... + continue reading
Apr 28th, 2020
The deadline for filling in the survey has passed. We thank you for voicing your opinion! The current situation is a challenging time for our industry. The EREPS team is well-aware of this. We want to ensure you feel supported and a part of our EREPS Community. We've put together our EREPS Member Support... + continue reading
Apr 20th, 2020
Having a robust immune system is more important than ever as we are constantly challenged with infections, toxins, trauma, stress and poor nutrition. It's important to understand and be able to recognise the problems that we face when our immune system is not operating optimally. This will be the topic of our EREPS... + continue reading

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