How do you become an EREPS qualified trainer?

The best way to become an EREPS approved fitness teacher or personal trainer is to complete a EuropeActive accredited course.

There are hundreds of accredited courses in various European countries and beyond, so you can also study abroad.

You can find all accredited courses in the directory below:

Why should you join EREPS?

It’s a great way to get your qualifications recognised on by an independent organisation

EREPS is an internationally renowned quality-mark

Working in other countries is a lot easier with an EREPS certificate

We provide you with the opportunity to interact with other professionals at EREPS events and through our social media channels

There are various discounts and special packages for members, including personal training equipment, services, wearables etc.

We’re an information source and keep you up-to-date on trends, new training ideas and new opportunities for development in the fitness sector


If you have any questions about EREPS membership see our FAQs page