About Lifelong Learning

The EREPS Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) is designed to support its members wishing to progress and thrive within their sector of professional practice.

A commitment to lifelong learning or continued professional development can be seen as having a number of purposes:

  • keeping up-to-date to ensure safe practice
  • improving and broadening knowledge and skills
  • developing personal qualities necessary to execute professional and technical duties

EREPS members may attend formal training courses, workshops, engage in online learning, attend industry events or conferences or read relevant books, journals and articles. Lifelong learning covers all these learning inputs.

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A list of Lifelong Learning may be found below.

Lifelong Learning for Training Providers

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Contact ID LLP Name Training Provider LLP Description
85033 NASM Virtual Coaching Specialization (NASM-VCS) National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

The NASM Virtual Coaching Specialization is an immersive online experience, equipping you with the skills, tools, and strategies needed to launch, operate, or transition your current fitness or wellness business into a successful Virtual Coaching Business. You will learn how to foster an...

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81927 3D Xtreme™ Certification, Powered by BOSU® Hedstrom Fitness

Summary/description of the 3D Xtreme? Certification, Powered by BOSU®, On-Line Course:
3D XTREME? is a completely unique, high-intensity, team-oriented workout program that combines functional, integrated total body training with explosive calorie-blasting cardio, intense core, and...

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93323 45/15 Workshop LLC FITNESS TOP

45/15 "Functional Training with fixed intervals of work and rest"

Innovative pre-designed choreography class with different levels of intensity.
Class consists of 10 music tracks with 4 work intervals.
Each track improves different movement patterns and skills such...

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79543 ACE Behavior Change in Practice: Hands-on Skills for Health Coaches and Exercise Professionals Workshop American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Producing long-term behavioral change by empowering clients to adopt and maintain new behaviors extends beyond simply educating individuals on what they should and should not do. Learn how to develop and utilize effective communication strategies to establish a positive and productive client-...

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79541 ACE Behavior Change Specialist Program American Council on Exercise (ACE)

To change a life, first change the lifestyle 
Human beings are capable of incredible transformations. We can learn, grow and alter the trajectory of our lives. We can become stronger and improve our health?but it doesn?t come easy. With the right coaching approach and strategy, positive...

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79542 ACE Sports Performance Specialist Program American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Every athlete has a dream. You can help them reach it.
Competitive athletes are fueled by a passion for success and winning. They strive to be faster and stronger so they can achieve the high standards they set for themselves. Many of these athletes seek out performance specialists to...

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79539 ACE Sports Performance Workshop American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Sports Performance Training for Any Client

Look around: you probably know someone who is competing in an adult sports league, training for a road race or mud run, or getting in shape for their upcoming college or youth sports teams. As more clients chase performance-related goals, they...

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79558 Aerotensity® FET Academy

AEROTENSITY is a program that mixed the HIIT with Aerobics and working by collaborating the high intensity interval exercises (glucose burn and after burn system) and low intensity exercises (direct fat burn system) and sync it with adrenalin music to boom a positive vibe.

We sync the...

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79602 Assess & Correct Physical Coaching Academy SPRL

This training has been developed to support the increasing need of fitness professionals to help people develop a good basis for optimal, injury-free and safe exercise and exercise. Be honest, do you know a customer that immediately moves optimally and does not suffer from anything? Almost every...

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79546 Barre Where You Are Barre Instructor Training Barre Where You Are LLC

Barre Where You Are?s Instructor Training focuses on the basis of Barre, what makes an excellent instructor and how to construct and deliver a high-quality and safe class.  An anatomy overview will be provided in relation to Barre and the exercises and planes of motion introduced. Movements and...

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79577 BOSU® Advanced Programming Strategies Hedstrom Fitness

Summary/description of BOSU® Advanced Programming Strategies:
Are you ready to elevate your BOSU® programming strategies and increase your value as a fitness professional? Learn how to create effective and exciting workouts with three unique templates that are designed to make BOSU®...

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79572 BOSU® Double Up Double Down Hedstrom Fitness

Summary/description of BOSU® Double Up Double Down On-Line Course:
Are you ready to double the intensity, double the interaction, double the results and double the FUN? This workshop is designed to teach you dozens of brand new drills, skills and sequences using two BOSU® Balance Trainers...

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79573 BOSU® HIIT Extreme Hedstrom Fitness

Summary/description of BOSU® HIIT Extreme On-Line Course:
Intense, focused, efficient, challenging, rewarding, and jam-packed with action from start to finish. Learn the science of high intensity interval training and its application to both fitness and sport. Take home a variety of short...

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79578 BOSU® Mindful Movement & Mobility Hedstrom Fitness

Summary/description of BOSU® Mindful Movement & Mobility Course:
In this evolved bodyweight training workshop, explore multi-dimensional methods to effectively create a stronger body and improve core function. Utilizing the unique features of the BOSU® Balance Trainer and the...

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79579 BOSU® Next Generation Balance Training Hedstrom Fitness

Summary/description of BOSU® Next Generation Balance Training Course:
BOSU® Training goes far beyond balance training! In this course you will learn the next generation of theory and science behind neuromotor training, and apply that science to practical programming that is purposeful and...

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79571 BOSU® Strong + Stretched Hedstrom Fitness

Summary/description of BOSU® Strong + Stretched On-Line Course:
The BOSU® Balance Trainer is one of the fitness industry's best strengthening and stretching accessories, and this workshop covers both!  First, you will learn brand-new athletic, total body exercises and sequences that...

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93277 Bulgarian Bag Mastery Dangerously Fit Academy

Inside Bulgarian Bag Mastery You’ll Discover 220+ Minutes Of High Quality Online Video Content Accompanied By An In-Depth Learner Manual & Online Support From Our Expert Team Of Coaches

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79591 Certified Nutrition Coach National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

Product Concept Statement
A comprehensive nutrition coaching certification for entry level and experienced fitness
professionals (i.e., personal trainers, group exercise instructors, wellness coaches)
delivered in an immersive online experience that combines current evidence...

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79592 Corrective Exercise Specialist National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

The CES was developed in response to the growing need for professionals with the ability to assist clients experiencing: musculoskeletal impairments, muscle imbalances, and/or rehabilitation concerns.  This credential provides the advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully work...

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91196 COVID-19 Fitness Management course National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

Chapter 1: Introduction and Course Overview

The history of the pandemic and how it affected the fitness industry
How fitness moved inside with at-home workouts
The mental and physical effects of the pandemic
A fitness professional’s role in wellness


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79560 Crush Club Instructor Training Fitness and Sports Sciences Association

This is a scientifically-based course conducted in two 8-hour sessions over the course of two days.
The course is based on six different dance styles: Bollywood, Bhangra, Hip Hop, Jazz, Salsa & Merengue.
The course combines the principle of re-stimulation with High Intensity...

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83488 DanceGLAM CORE Instructor Training DanceGLAM

Created by Artistic Director and Choreographer Tony Stone from Los Angeles, this revolutionary dance workout is set for appeal to people that enjoy easy to learn movement with truly motivating music. At the heart of the workout is a red hot playlist of specially selected urban commercial and pop...

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90126 Diplôme Diététique Sportive. SSCS TRAINING

Les bases de la diététique sportive
Le devenir des aliments
Les glucides et lipides
Les Nutriments et Minéraux
L'alimentation du sportif au quotidien
L'alimentation en période de compétition

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85479 DTS Squat Analysis Coach Dts Fitness Education

The Squat Analysis Coach course is a fundamentals focused continuing education course for personal trainers. As we like to say at DTS Fitness Education - advanced skills are the basics mastered. The squat movement is a key primal pattern and a foundational resistance training exercise. Even more...

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79569 EMS License Trainer Level 1 GluckerKolleg GbR

At the EMS license coach education we provide all the basics and content that are relevant to the job as a coach / consultant in EMS market segment. The training provides all the basics to work successfully with the EMS devices. This course is suitable for anyone working professionally with EMS...

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83391 Endurance Training Coach (ETC) Fitness Academy Europe Ltd

When you think of aerobic instruction, you may think of classes full of overweight exercisers, bored housewives, and experimenting with new fitness participants. Aerobic conditioning isn’t always choreography and dance, it’s a method of training used by serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts....

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79605 Essentials of Healthy Nutrition Physical Coaching Academy SPRL

Essentials of healthy nutrition teach you the basic principles of healthy nutrition.

The skills you learn during this training program prepare you to advise clients on optimal nutritional choices and behavior to improve their health.

During this 3-day program, you learn to...

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79604 Essentials of Mental Coaching Physical Coaching Academy SPRL

Mental coaching is, besides attention to physical training and nutrition, the most essential pillar for achieving sustainable results with your client. It is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to increase the chances of achieving goals.
Help your customers become aware of their personal...

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79603 Essentials of Sales & Marketing Physical Coaching Academy SPRL

The Sales & Marketing training program aims to provide you with the tools that are essential to develop your commercial potential as an entrepreneur.
The training is based on the model of "the three axes of commercial potential". Based on proven practical steps, you learn how...

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90522 FACTS - Certified Facility Manager FACTS - Fitness Academy for Consultancy, Training and Services

• This course integrates the theoretical knowledge of sports, fitness and business administration topics with the practical side based on the best practices and experiences of facilities and departmental management in Middle East and North Africa region (MENA).
• The course will cover all...

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81930 FAE - Fitness Nutrition Specialist Fitness Academy Europe Ltd

This course offers insight regarding energy provision from the time foods enter into the digestive process to when they are delivered to body cells, and how this all relates to fitness and athletics. You’ll learn about digestion and internal chemical processes, energy provision and conversion,...

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79555 FET Hipnotic® FET Academy

Hipnotic implements the methodology of stimulating and cleansing our 7 basic chakras through rhythmic belly dancing techniques that were structured by Master Huda Al Bahri.
The entire purpose implemented by Hipnotic is to ground one?s energy through specific movement before polarizing the...

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Bu eğitimin ana odak noktası, insan hareketini geliştirmek için kullanılabilecek strateji ve teknikler sunmaktır. Neden hareket üzerine odaklanıyoruz? Bazı istatistiklere göz atarsanız bu ve benzeri problemlerin engellenmesi ve ötelenmesinde hareket etmenin ne kadar önemli olduğunu anlarsınız....

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87659 Functional Nutrition Istituto ATS

Functional Nutrition® provides the essential information to understand and integrate the principles of nutrition in the professional field and allow your customers to achieve the best results in the shortest time, through a safe and sustainable process. Functional Nutrition is not a trendy diet...

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79564 FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH TRAINING (With Latest Accessories) Fitness and Sports Sciences Association

A two day specialist training course which includes:

History and meaning of functional strength training

Understanding kinesiology and biomechanical factors that influence human movement

Exercise science concepts in FST

FST techniques ? using body weight,...

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79568 Functional Tools Coach Functional Training Institute

Course Name: Functional Tools Coach (FTC)
Why Should You Consider This Course?
The landscape of the gym has changed significantly within the last decade. There has been a monumental shift from gyms that are filled with cardio equipment and pin...

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Fonksiyonel antrenman fonksiyonel anatomi ve biyomekaniği uygulamalı bir biçiminde, öğrenilmesini sağlar. Ayrıca yerçekimi, zemin reaksiyon kuvveti, kütle ve momentumun üç planlı hareketin ve yenilikçi egzersiz araçlarının kullanıma yönelik bir egzersiz programı oluşturma becerisi kazandırarak...

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83565 Functional Training for Group “Power Functional” Workshop Sergii Falshtynskyi Workshops

It is a system of difficult coordination, functional exercises performed with body weight and step-platform, using 6 direction of freedom movement. Each of these exercises is taken from a professional sport and adapted to everyday life.
Delivered by Sergii with ForFitAcademy

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93324 Functional Training Fundamentals (Bodyweight, HIIT, Equipment) Workshop LLC FITNESS TOP

Workshop for fitness trainers about fundamentals of functional training.

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83278 Functional Training Specialist Fitness Academy Europe Ltd

This course defines functional exercise and explains its importance to the training program. Learn the science behind functional training and how to apply it to each client. Take a comprehensive look at the foundational principles of functional training and the importance of testing for core...

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79581 Hybrid Interval Training Specialist International Obesity Exercise Training Institute

More than half of all people around the globe are struggling to lose weight and meet the recommendations for physical activity. On the other side, the global health and fitness industry is on the rise through new trends and workout routines focused on fundamental movement patterns in a small-...

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79563 Injury Management in Personal Training Fitness and Sports Sciences Association

The 1 day course is all about the changes that happen in muscles and bones due to an  injury.
We shall talk about the importance of group action of muscles in any movement to prevent injury
plus the course also covers:
. Stability, balance,stretching exercises for all major...

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79556 IRON FET® FET Academy

Iron FET is a weight lifting cardio planned program. Where the energy comes from the depth of your body responding the beat of the music to carry the weight on with repeat the moves scientifically for all your body muscles.

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94417 ISSA-Glute Specialist International Sports Sciences Association

The ISSA Glute Training Specialist course teaches trainers the science behind building better glutes and how to focus on these muscle groups to give clients the best results. Students will learn how to unlock the hips, create better programming, and deliver envious results. Students will master...

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65991 Kettlebell Performance and Implementation EduFit Ltd

The course is designed to deliver the education and understanding necessary in order to safely instruct clients how to perform fundamental kettlebell exercises safely and effectively. Students will learn the techniques during the practical portion of the day and deliver these techniques to a ?...

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92947 Kettlebell Principles Level 1 Dangerously Fit Academy

Inside Kettlebell Level 1 You’ll Discover 200+ Minutes Of High Quality Online Video Content Accompanied By 2 In-Depth Learner Manuals & Online Support From Our Expert Team Of Coaches

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93254 Kettlebell Supremacy - Level 2 Dangerously Fit Academy

Inside Kettlebell Level 2 You’ll Discover 200+ Minutes Of High Quality Online Video Content Accompanied By An In-Depth Learner Manual & Online Support From Our Expert Team Of Coaches

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79599 Kettlebell Workshop Physical Coaching Academy SPRL

The Kettlebell, also called Gyria, is a Russian training tool from the 18th century. Kettlebells have been used for several decades by the Russian special forces for their physical preparation.
It is a tool to strengthen muscles and for the physical preparation very interesting to work on...

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86819 Level 1 Certification: The Essentials of Nutrition and Coaching Precision Nutrition

The Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification is a comprehensive nutrition coaching program, which includes:

- A practical nutrition coaching process that can be used to influence the nutrition habits of any client, with any goal, beginners and advanced alike.

- The science of...

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79597 Loaded Movement Training Workshop Physical Coaching Academy SPRL

This training tool is a large rubber hollow tube with a variable weight that was invented by a Canadian sports coach, Michol Dalcourt. Inspired by the movements of local loggers, he developed an innovative training method to train the entire body. This training method is based on 4 elements:...

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83682 Mental Guide for Personal Trainers Fitness Academy Europe Ltd

It’s not easy to accept our weaknesses, or what we don’t like about ourselves. We have to find a way to keep moving forward and help motivate our clients to do the same. This Course will highlight the importance of working with people, with their physical and mental health. We do not work with...

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79547 Metabolic Training Workshop Blue Vision Fitness Akademi

High Intensity, Interval Training (HIIT), also called 'metabolic training' due to its metabolic effects.
Scientific research shows that when compared to medium and long-term endurance training, more results regarding health and fitness are achieved by spending up to 90% less...

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79557 MMA FET® FET Academy

MMA FET is a Fitness program combined from mixed martial arts types, where the battleship moved from cage to GX room, controlled by the beats of music that driven by a sequence of real techniques to give you fit results that you are looking for.

MMA FET Course (mixed Martial Arts with...

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79596 Modified Strongman Training Physical Coaching Academy SPRL

The modified Strongman training is the latest trend in the fitness industry. It is a suitable workout for both personal training and group training. Through this workshop you will learn a new way of training which offers opportunities to improve and expand your business.
The combination of...

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79550 Muscle Building And Hypertrophy Workshop Blue Vision Fitness Akademi

Scientific review of muscle hypertrophy, most effective muscle hypertrophy training techniques, periodisation for gaining more muscle size, nutritional strategies for muscle hypertrophy and appropriate sport nutritions including supplements.

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79580 Muscular and Postural Rebalance iLAB Well Sport Project

Back pain affects about 80% of the adult population. It is one of the major forms of skeletal muscle degeneration. Research shows that it mainly affects people who work in closed spaces.
The course is based on the scientific study of human movement.

Theoretical lessons alternate...

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79553 NASM Senior Fitness Specialization (SFS) EFAA

Senior Fitness Specialization (SFS) Keeping seniors active never gets old. You?ll learn to meet seniors? specific fitness needs and help them preserve their independence by designing exercise programs that use NASM?s Optimum Performance Training model. The NASM Senior Fitness Specialist (SFS)?...

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83015 Natural Movements Workshop Lorenzo Sommo

Natural movements is presented as a fitness program that combines movement techniques inspired by the animal world, positions and transitions deriving from yoga and PNF techniques, seeking balance between mobility and stability, control and reactivity

It is an integration to the work of...

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79551 NUTRITION COACH Dna academy

The objective of this course is to train coachs in sports nutrition.
We start with the basics of nutrition in Module 1: nutrients and their different functions in the body. It also addresses issues related to some nutrients (cholesterol, diabetes, gluten and lactose intolerances, vitamin...

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84343 Nutrition for Fitness, Performance and Sports Integrated Fitness & Sports Institute (IFSI)

IFSI aims at equipping fitness professionals by providing them with in-depth knowledge on research based nutrition and its application. You will be required to examine the role of nutrition for the sports participant in terms of maintaining overall health, while meeting specific demands of...

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79561 NUTRITION FOR SPORTS, EXERCISE & WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Fitness and Sports Sciences Association

FSSAs Sports nutrition is an advanced level course that provides you with an understanding of the principles of sports nutrition and its practical application to both elite and recreational athletes. You will be required to examine the role of nutrition for the sports participant in terms of...

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79600 Olympic Lifting Physical Coaching Academy SPRL

During the Olympic lifting module, you will learn the basic techniques of the 2 Olympic lifts, namely the snatch and the clean and jerk.
Each lift is built step by step from a coach perspective, so that you know how to coach your clients and / or athletes in the Olympic lifts.

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79622 ONKOLOJİ DİYETİSYENLİĞİ EĞİTİMİ Tarti Medikal Dış Tic. ve Pazarlama Ltd. Şti.

Onkoloji alanına ilgi duyan diyetisyenlerin kanıta dayalı ve güncel bilgilere ulaşımının sağlanması ve teorik bilginin pratikle pekiştirilmesi amaçlanmıştır.
Eğitim,kanserin önlenmesinde beslenme, kanser tedavi basamaklarının yönetiminde tıbbi beslenme tedavisi ve diyetisyenin rolü ve...

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93709 Optima Virtual Conference 2021 National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

3 Full Days of Learning, October 21-23, 2021

What is the Optima Virtual Conference?

Optima is our biggest event of the year. It’s our annual industry conference, and 2021 will be our seventh year hosting this incredible experience. Optima is brought to you by both the National...

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79552 Performance and Implementation of Studio Cycling EduFit Ltd

The aim of this course is to gain an understanding of how to structure and implement a group indoor cycling class to music.
By the end of this course the learner will be familiar with the fundamentals of indoor cycle bikes and also understand how to structure a cycling class.

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79593 Performance Enhancement Specialist National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

The NASM PES Premium course offers an advanced learning experience, focused on providing you cutting-edge performance training for your athletes. With more content and professional tools you will gain the knowledge, insight, and skills necessary to meet the demands as a Strength and Conditioning...

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88290 Periodization & Load Management International Academy of Sports Science and Technology

The object of this course is to deliver relevant information and understanding of athlete program periodization based on load management and performance assessment data. Participants will learn how to select and execute performance tests and load management systems, as well as how to interpret...

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88178 Personal Trainer Online Conference Perform Better EU

Being a Personal Trainer is a dream-occupation for many
Some turn their hobby into a profession, others develop it into a professional and successful business. Personal Training has not only been changing in the times of Corona. The demand for qualified one-one supervision and goal...

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79548 Pole2Fit Blue Vision Fitness Akademi

Program includes 40 hours of intensive education (12 different pole grips, more than 50 spins and tricks, functional anatomy, group training methodology etc.). the program has three modules: Level 1: Basic pole grips, spins, tricks, climbs, transmissions from pole to parter and parter to pole,...

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88005 Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise International Academy of Sports Science and Technology

The Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise course will increase your knowledge and Strategies to correct posture and enhance performance. Posture is the balanced body position in which we hold our bodies while sitting, running, standing, walking, or lying down. Good posture means the...

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81925 Powerbox Instructor Training Fitness and Sports Sciences Association

Created by a National Level Ex Boxer and experts from the fitness industry PowerBox is a proven and effective fitness program that combines body weight and conditioning along with cardio and HIIT giving you and your clients an amazing experience.
In each class, you will lose calories,...

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79544 Pre/ Postnatal Aqua Training Course AQUABIRTH

Το Pre / Postnatal Aqua Training Course είναι ένα πρόγραμμα άσκησης μέσα στο νερό, το οποίο αφορά την εκγύμναση των γυναικών κατά τη διάρκεια της εγκυμοσύνης αλλά και μετά την τοκετό.

Στόχος του είναι η ασφαλής άσκηση εγκύων και νέων μαμάδων, λαμβάνοντας πάντα υπόψη όλες τις παραμέτρους...

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86878 Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Class Precision Nutrition

The Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Class is a comprehensive nutrition education, mentorship, and internship program, in which you’ll get:

- One full year of daily lessons, hands-on practice, and personal coaching from us on how to be a better coach.

- Applied coaching methods...

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79559 Professional Squad Instructor Fitness and Sports Sciences Association

The F Squad ??? program is designed carefully keeping in mind the bio-mechanical, muscular, cardiovascular and neural networks.
Most of all, we have kept it as such, to entertain every individual and at the same time work on all the planes of the human body by engaging major muscle groups...

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79601 Program Design Physical Coaching Academy SPRL

This module is 'the missing link' for fitness professionals who want to distinguish themselves by realizing the goals of their clients by drawing up a balanced periodization.
You will be introduced to the different components of an efficient training program in combination with...

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90155 Progress 2021 Event Physical Coaching Academy SPRL

The digital event that will shape the health and fitness industry.
May 29 - June 12, 2021
9 speakers

Last year, the pandemic prevented us from organizing our first annual Progress event; in 2021 we are unstoppable. On May 29th, we are kicking-off the first 100% digital event...

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68196 PT Refresher Test Northbridge Digital Ltd

This is a test course so please ignore this unless using for test purposes.

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85454 Rebuild™ CAWS

CAWS' Flagship Online Course Rebuild™. The course teaches trainers and coaches how to rehabilitate an individual from COVID-19 and Long-COVID.

Membership to the course includes access to more than 60 videos and a monthly Live Q&A. A pass mark of 75% is required in an online...

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79554 Regional fat loss training & High energy expenditure training with chain and fluiball ELAV SRL

L’allenamento è in grado di contribuire specificatamente al dimagrimento localizzato?

Nel 2007 ELAV pose l’attenzione sulle prime evidenze sperimentali presentate in letteratura internazionale a supporto degli effetti dimagranti localizzati ottenuti con modelli di allenamento molto...

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83062 Resistance Training Coach Fitness Academy Europe Ltd

Learn to give your clients an athletic “game like” training protocol. Traditional and non-traditional approaches will be presented for user-friendly methods that will demonstrate the power of resistance training. Learn the principles and techniques of weight lifting, and the development of...

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79627 Sport Science Day Congress ELAV SRL

Sport Science Day Congress
The sessions:
- Millennials Fitness:Trend and opportunity for traditional fitness center
- From the Nobel Prize for Medicine to the relevance of the Oxygen for Sport Science
- Choronobiology and Circadiani Rhythms
- The new Frontier if the...

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79549 Static and Dynamic Posture Analysis with Preventive and Corrective Exercise Training Programme Blue Vision Fitness Akademi

Static and Dynamic Posture Analysis with Preventive and Corrective Exercise Training Program is designed for Fitness professionals and all the other sports coaches. The program will provide a better understanding of the human movement system, common postural disorders and muscle imbalances.

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93354 Steel Club Principles - Level 1 Dangerously Fit Academy

Inside Steel Club Principles Level 1 You’ll Discover 148 Minutes Of High Quality Online Video Content Accompanied By An In-Depth Learner Manual & Online Support From Our Expert Team Of Coaches

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93398 Steel Club Supremacy - Level 2 Dangerously Fit Academy

Inside Steel Club Supremacy Level 2 You’ll Discover 153 Minutes Of High Quality Online Video Content Accompanied By An In-Depth Learner Manual & Online Support From Our Expert Team Of Coaches

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93401 Steel Mace Mastery Dangerously Fit Academy

Inside Steel Mace Mastery You’ll Discover 133 Minutes Of High Quality Online Video Content Accompanied By An In-Depth Learner Manual & Online Support From Our Expert Team Of Coaches

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87660 Strength Training Istituto ATS

This professional training course represents the most up-to-date and accurate summary for learning the notions necessary to develop specific muscle strengthening programs for sports, from power sports to endurance sports. The course is structured in 5 Modules designed to offer the most up-to-...

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79562 StretchNDance Fitness Fitness and Sports Sciences Association

Course Description:
- It is a 2 day course (16 hours), we also provide additional coaching and practice sessions post the training
with the respective master trainer for 8 hours. These 8 hours are spread over two months. This is basically
done to ensure that StretchNDance...

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79575 SURGE® Hydro Performance Training Hedstrom Fitness

Summary/description of SURGE® Hydro Performance Training:
Immerse yourself in movement performance training and learn how to optimize fitness results for all levels of clients and athletes. Using hydro training -- reacting to constantly shifting water -- you?ll experience why top-down...

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79574 SURGE® Hydro Program Design Hedstrom Fitness

Summary/description of SURGE® Hydro Program Design:
You?ve done the basics, now complete the picture with pure programming ideas for the SURGE® Hydro Ball. Three distinct workout styles - FLOW, META and FUSE - are delivered with templates designed to stimulate creativity. Learn program...

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79576 SURGE® Hydro Training System Hedstrom Fitness

Summary/description of SURGE® Hydro Training System:
The SURGE® Hydro Training System delivers the ultimate reactive resistance experience. We?ve added the most volatile element on the planet to your programming to test clients in new and challenging ways. Designed to improve movement,...

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79598 Suspension Training Workshop Physical Coaching Academy SPRL

Designed by a US Navy command who, during a mission, was looking for a way to train efficiently without having a fitness facility available, the Suspension Trainer was launched in 2005 and soon became very popular with physical - and personal trainers.
This way of training works with the...

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92526 Taking Action With ACE: Practicing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion as an Exercise Professional American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Create a Better Industry, One Conversation at a Time

The fitness industry is only starting the work on addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion to ensure all participants have equal access and feel welcome in every environment. Exercise professionals and health coaches play a crucial...

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82577 Test Course 2 Northbridge Digital Ltd

Test Course 2 text

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79618 THE CONCEPT GROUP FITNESS BRANDS CORE CONCEPT Studio One Institute of Fitness (G. Xiros)

Το Core Concept είναι ένα πρόγραμμα ενδυνάμωσης κορμού και ποδιών με τη χρήση του βάρους του σώματος αλλά και πιθανόν εξοπλισμού ( βαράκια, στεπ, λάστιχο κά.)

Χωρίζεται σε δυο μέρη. Τα χαρακτηριστικά του είναι η μη χρήση παπουτσιών αλλά και ο η δυνατότητα που δίνει σε κάθε ασκούμενο να...

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Cross Training Concept is a functional group training, small group and personal training (1 on 1) pre-structure program with barbell, dumbbells, mat, step and bodyweight.
Strength aerobic and anaerobic training in various combinations will take you off. For all of you seeking a new...

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81933 THE CONCEPT GROUP FITNESS BRANDS PILATES CONCEPT Studio One Institute of Fitness (G. Xiros)

Pilates Concept is a pre-structure pilates program with special using more functional movements added to the classical repertoire. It?s a group strength training program, improving the posture, the flexibility, core strength, the kinetic model and kinesiology of the trainees, using classical and...

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The Power Cycling Concept is a pre-structure indoor cycling program with special indoor cycling bikes. It?s about group indoor cycling training, small group indoor cycling training and personal training in indoor cycling ("1 on 1"), with special indoor cycling bikes (all brands).

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79615 THE CONCEPT GROUP FITNESS BRANDS STEP CONCEPT Studio One Institute of Fitness (G. Xiros)

Step Concept is a pre-structure step choreography program with special using two steps in different positions. It?s a group cardio training program, improving the kinetic model and kinesiology of the trainees, using steps, combinations ( all levels ), teaching methods, house music and fun.

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79619 THE CONCEPT GROUP FITNESS BRANDS STRETCH CONCEPT Studio One Institute of Fitness (G. Xiros)

Stretch Concept constitutes the major new entry in the series of specialized group programs concerning Greek gyms. It is about a significant proposal aiming at introducing the client to the philosophy of stretching by making it part of his/her training routine. Creating a workout with powerful...

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79616 THE CONCEPT GROUP FITNESS BRANDS TAE BOX CONCEPT Studio One Institute of Fitness (G. Xiros)

The Tae Box Concept is a pre-structure cardio-strength program with fighting moves. It?s about group training, small group training and personal training .

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79614 THE CONCEPT GROUP FITNESS BRANDS YOGA CONCEPT Studio One Institute of Fitness (G. Xiros)

YOGA CONCEPT is specially designed to bring yoga in our daily routine, easy to use and accessible to everyone. Through asanas and pranayama we clean the material body from the blockages and correct the imbalance of the energy and psychological structures within us.

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81923 The Massive Ride® FET Academy

The Massive Ride Class is a combination of 4 elements, mixed together to take you through a Massive Ride via HIIT training to improve your cardiovascular and strength endurance . It is a (HIIT Training workout) Where you can lift your heart rate, improve your cardiovascular endurance and burn...

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81924 The Mind Ride® FET Academy

It is a (Mentally and Physically riding workout).
The Mind Ride is a unique indoor cycling Program with four elements: Video, Music, subliminal waves and riding.
Where you can ride into the depth of your soul; to burn fat and motivate your muscles, soul and mind all through an...

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Bu programın ana odak noktası, katılımcıların fitnes sektörünün geçmiş ,günümüz ve gelecek ile ilğili bağlantılarını değerlendirebilmelerini sağlamak ayrıca fitnes sektöründeki kariyer imkanlarının neler olduğu katılımcıların eğtim ve kariyerinde dikkat etmesi gereken detayları anlaşılmasını...

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