Status of Registration

EREPS is regulated by EuropeActive’s Professional Standards Committee through the accepted EuropeActive educational standards. These standards have been developed through extensive consultation and define the knowledge, skills and competencies that an exercise professional needs to achieve registration at a particular occupational level. For more information on the current EuropeActive standards click here.

Since 2010 the EuropeActive standards have been referenced to the EQF and start with a clear understanding of the purpose of the occupational role within the fitness and physical activity sector. The status of registration that EREPS grants to its members is based upon these occupations. For example, a Fitness Instructor is described as being Level 3, and a Personal Trainer Level 4.

The EuropeActive Professional Standards Committee determines the work for its appointed Technical Expert Groups in a rolling programme of new development work and constant reviewing and updating of the existing standards. Experts who wish to be considered to join the technical groups can apply to the EuropeActive Secretariat at for consideration.

EuropeActive Standards

(January 2018):

EQF Level
(Bologna Process)

General Population

Specialist Population

7 & 8


Graduate Exercise Professional

5 (short cycle)

Exercise for Health Specialist
Pre-diabetes Exercise Specialist
Weight Management Exercise Specialist
Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Specialist


Personal Trainer
Pilates Teacher

Youth Fitness Trainer (12-17 years)
Children’s Fitness Trainer (6-11 years)
Active Ageing Trainer

Pregnancy and Post Partum


Fitness Instructor
Group Fitness Instructor
Group Exercise to Music
Aqua Fitness Instructor


Fitness Assistant

The European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

The EQF encompasses general and adult education, vocational education and training, as well as higher education. The core of the EQF is its eight reference levels describing what a learner knows, understands and is able to do - their 'learning outcomes'. The EuropeActive standards take a learning outcomes-based approach and this is how EREPS recognises achievement and awards status of registration.

Further information on the EQF and its descriptors can be found here -