David Hurst


Personal Training, PT Business Strategy, PT Sales Conversion

About David

International Judo Player and educated with a Physical Education and sports science Degree from LOUGHBOROUGH University, David Started his career as a Personal Trainer in London before moving to France in 1998. This signalled the start of a journey where David began decomposing "what makes PT work, and what doesn’t'.

Since then he’s created a 3-DVD Box-set for Personal Trainers, and live-trained around 3000 personal trainers and fitness managers to improve their business and client motivating skills. With over 25 Publications in peer-reviewed industry journals and presenting to the national centre of excellence (INSEP) and the French Olympic Committee, David is making shockwaves through the world’s most regarded market for a developed country.


If you could participate in anyone’s fitness class, whose and which class would you love to take?

I’ve Already done a few with Rachel NEWSHAM … she just lights up the room with her very presence, amazing girl.

If you could train with anyone from the past or living, who would you choose?

Anthony Hopkins (favourite actor) or Maybe James HASKELL, England Rugby player (good trainer too) … just for the banter !

PS : I also get to do a “PT Session” for who I want … Jordan B PETERSON, this guy is a life saver, one of the most important thinkers of our time and deserves credit, so it’s the best I can do to thank him for his contribution to humanity.

What is your favourite exercise? 

Getting through the gym door (seriously, this is the hardest of all)

What is your favourite quote? 

You only get paid for “done”. (Bedros KEUILLIAN). 

(mostly because I have trouble concentrating and finishing things …)

What is your strongest quality?

I will never, ever, give up.

If time was not an issue and you had forever to master a skill, what skill would you like to master?

Er … if I could speak every language that would be cool.  Being able to communicate effectively with other people is an absolute super power.  

If you could go back in time and give yourself advice, what would you say?

Move your arse – today, not tomorrow!

What is your best moment in the fitness industry?

The best is yet to come.