Jessica Exposito


Step, Aerobics including zumba, Xt29 functional training program and p13fit the jump rope fitness program.


About Jessica

Jessica Exposito is one of the leading female presenters and Education Specialist in group and dance fitness including Zumba®.

Having discovered her passion for dancing as a young girl, Jessica sought to transmit all of her own love of dance to others to enjoy. With perseverance, that dream of teaching dance for a living has come true. “Being a teacher enriches me every day,” said Jessica.

Since moving from her hometown of Puigcerda-Gerona at age 17 to study physical education at the University of Barcelona, Jessica has taught dance in more than 40 countries, including at leading events at renowned international fitness events around the globe for programs affiliated with Nike, Adidas, Fila and Reebok prior to joining Zumba®.

Jessica, Expert and great exponent of the international fitness. More than 14 years traveling around the world in more than 40 countries (Asia, Europa, América) dedicated to the aerobics, latino, step training .

Her work as an instructor has been recognised inside and outside our borders having been awarded in the most prestigious congresses of fitness. She has been awarded by Sport Magazine INTERGYMS with the “national award for the merit sports INTERGYM” and also nominated in 2013 "International phenomenon" By ECA USA. Jessica has also been technical coordinator of the fitness school accredited with EuropeActive ORTHOS.

Jessica is also a celebrity personal trainer and finds time to organise her own fitness Convention OPEN FIT together with her brothers.

Jessica has worked in numerous television and is a frequent guest of news media seeking her fitness expertise and has appeared in numerous TV shows—including the Spanish versions of “American Idol” and “The Biggest Loser.” In 2009 she choreographed a Flash Move  for ” Black Eyed Peas ” in Barcelona.

From 2010 she created Xmove pre-choreographed training program from Dir Fitness Clubs in Barcelona. Then went onto work with her brother to created XT29, functional training program exporting it in many countries around the world.

Jessica is an incredible Spanish force of nature and we are delighted to welcome her the EREPS Ambassador Team.


What is your best moment in the fitness industry?

When we introduced Batuka to the world, I was working in Operación Triunfo TV program as the singers’ trainer ( American Idol Spanish version) . Batuka is a fitness program I created with my brother , unfortunately it doesn’t exist anymore due to contract issues but life , perseverance,humility, patience and the love for what I do give me more opportunities to continue growing in our fitness world. 

If you could train with anyone from the past or living, who would you choose?

To be in a class with the one and only Marcus Irwin, the most charismatic and humble presenter, he is the best . He gave me the best advice when I started: Be Yourself. 

I would go back to the first fitness convention when I was 15 years old....there I also met Carmen Díaz, Daniel González, Junior Carvalho... big references and important people in my life