Lorenzo Sommo


Functional Training, Group Fitness, Personal Training, Bodyweight, Weight Lifting, Yoga, Mobility Training.

About Lorenzo

EREPS Ambassador Lorenzo Sommo was born in Turin, Italy and has been working in the Fitness Industry since 18 years old. Lorenzo studied academically, as well as being an athlete swimmer from a young age, gymnast, dancer and studying martial arts which has also shaped his unique style today. Lorenzo has studied Ashtanga Yoga and Pilates throughout his career and since 2004 worked as Fitness Presenter, Educator, Teacher and Personal Trainer in Italy and Europe.

Lorenzo launched his own training programmes including Training R-Evolution, developed to teach Functional Training for Fitness alongside his other programme: Natural Movements. Lorenzo has been associated with Nike Italy as a dancer/fitness model and is currently sponsored by Reebok as an International Ambassador. Currently Lorenzo manages to combine his presenting globally to include classes from Step, Dance, Pilates, Power Yoga through to Animal Moves and Training R-Evolution, with owning his own space in Turin for Personal Training and Education.

EREPS is delighted to present Lorenzo Sommo (Italy) as an EREPS Ambassador.