Natalya Kolesnikova


Pilates, Functional training, Slings in motion, Myofascial training and other Mind body classes


About Natalya

Natalya dreamed of being a fitness instructor since 6th grade. She started to work at the age of 17, with dance fitness and high intensity classes. Many years later, she started working as a fitness presenter, traveling a lot around Russia and Europe. Natalya was the first Russian female presenter, that was invited to work on the Europe convention circuit.

As every presenter will tell you whilst the dream came true to share a love of our sector it brought a crazy life without days off and rest for the body, which we all know is critical to performance. Therefore 2 years ago Natalya found herself in hospital after a knee operation, that wasn’t successful. Even the rehabilitation afterwards did not bring the results the doctors were expecting to see. Therefore, Natalya started to search for a program that could help her and bring healthy movement to participants. As a huge fan of group exercise, it was important to find the one that would be group oriented and fully beneficial at the same time, and it was not easy.

Natalya found the German program called FACTS (Functional and Careful Training System) and later became its official representative in Russia. It was all about bringing awareness and proprioception to the classes, working with fascia. The founders were focused on how to make functional training that suits different levels of clients. Unfortunately, the project ceased but bought Natalya continued to look into the field of corrective and FMS exercises. Therefore, for the last 5 years Natalya became involved with a programme which enhanced her fitness, mind and soul in Anatomy Trains in Motion.

Natalya continues to share her knowledge and experience with the fitness community through her various projects and we are delighted to have Natalya representing EuropeActive and out first Russian EREPS Ambassador.


My favorite quote or saying:

Seating is the next smoking.

What sparks your light and gets you motivated?

People! My clients with their positive feedback about their knees, backs and better wealth. My colleagues who always inspire me to grow as a trainer and a person. 

And my husband with his best support. 

If you could go back in time and give yourself advice, what would you say?

Never believe to those who say you can't do or achieve something. It is simple the matter of hard work, motivation and time.