Taras Klimov


Group Fitness, Step, Functional Training

About Taras

Taras Klimov is a talented presenter working on the international stage and heading up the revolution for freestyle, across Russia. CEO and Methodologist of "From The Top"® company Moscow ( he works with an incredible team to bring the very best fitness experiences available.

Taras has received many incredible accolades including “Best Fitness Presenter of Russia 2018” by IFO (International Fitness Open), Onfit Awards 2011 nomination for "Best Group Fitness Instructor of Russia", Winner of "New Faces of Fitness” 2010 presenters contest, at Rimini Wellness, Italy, Winner of International Fitness Open 2009 as well as being a Reebok Brand Ambassador (2012-2020).

After recent years we have all learnt the value in group training is more than just about fitness, its about a shared experience and the mental benefit of being socially active. As such Taras is a wonderful addition to our team of incredible motivated, passionate and talented group fitness presenter and we are delighted to welcome Taras to the EREPS Ambassador Team.


If you could train with anyone from the past or living, who would you choose?

I would choose Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali. They are the greatest in their sports. Also they are very strong personalities.

What do you feel most proud of? 

I feel very proud of my big family. I have three sons and beautiful wife, who is my “second part”. Kids are crazy about sport and my wife has been studying sport at the University. We graduated the same University. 20 years we are together and always have been working in fitness industry.

If time was not an issue and you had forever to master a skill, what skill would you like to master?

Music. I love music! In my opinion this is the greatest type of art. Playing piano or violin, compositing melodies, I would like to have that skill. I think you can do things forever if you really love them.