Entry to EREPS is subject to the applicant holding qualifications in exercise and fitness at a recognised level that meet EuropeActive standards.

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Registration Instructions
  1. Select which EREPS level you are applying for.

  2. Upload your CV and 3 main 'fitness' qualifications.

  3. Level 6 ONLY - upload degree certificate and supplement.

  4. Confirm your agreement to the 'Code of Practice.

  5. Confirm you wish to receive EREPS communications.

  6. Confirm your preferred language of communication.

1. Level

Please indicate which level you are applying for;

2. Qualifications

All applications must upload an up to date CV or Resume plus their 2 main 'fitness' qualifications.

3. Level 6 Application

If you are applying for Level 6 - Graduate Exercise Professional you must meet the following requirements:

Qualification Requirement
You must hold an undergraduate degree which may be in Exercise Sciences, Sport Sciences or Physical Education.

Experience Requirement
You are expected to work in the fitness and physical activity sector with considerable experience (minimum 500 hours) as a personal trainer or exercise specialist. This experience must have been gained after graduation.

Please upload your Degree Certificate and Degree Supplement - the degree supplement is the document that details all subject areas/hours covered in your degree.

Check the detailed requirements and descriptor for the status of Graduate Exercise Professional to make sure you are eligible to apply click here

4. Code of practice

EREPS Membership is for those instructors who already have their own insurance cover or are covered by their employers policy. If you do not have insurance you should arrange cover before applying for membership.

In ticking below I agree to the EREPS Code of Ethical Practice

5. EREPS Communications

Membership Communications

EREPS/EuropeActive would like to keep you informed about membership benefits, events and industry news by e-mail.

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If you prefer not to receive e-mails from us, please select No. Note, we will still send you emails directly relating to your membership including renewal reminders.

6. Language

EREPS will try, where possible, to issue certificates and communicate to our members in a range of languages. To confirm your preferred language select from the list below.