Job Purpose
The purpose of a Fitness Assistant is to promote health and fitness participation of new and existing members. Also, toprovide a friendly and informative fitness environment, actively assisting other workers and members.

Occupational Description
A fitness assistant works to provide a clean, safe and friendly environment that promotes regular member attendance and satisfaction. They are a source of information and encouragement for all members and actively assist fitness instructors wherever possible.

Occupational Roles
A fitness assistant should be able to:

  1. Provide safe, clean and friendly fitness environment;
  2. Promote fitness exercise as a part of an healthy lifestyle and be a positive example of it;
  3. Supportfitness and health-related motives and goals for individuals;
  4. Provideinformation about the role of physical activity, modes of exercise and related services;
  5. Observeclients/members at all times and inform them where necessary about health and safety requirements and emergency procedures in the fitness environment;
  6. Positively interact and motivate clients/members to participate in regular physical activity;
  7. Promotehealthy activities for daily living to clients/members (lifestyle management);
  8. Promote customer referral: invite customers to bring friend and family along and promote their fitness activities in their social environment;
  9. Work within the parameters given at Level 2, recognizing the standards and professional limitations that this provides, referring to appropriate members of staff for guidance and support

Fitness Assistants are not endorsed to:

  • Deliver group exercise or personal training sessions;
  • Prescribe rehabilitation programmes;
  • Provide exercise testing and prescription for at-risk population / general population;
  • Prescribe any kind of medication or supplements;
  • Prescribe nutritional programmes;
  • Diagnose any psychological disorders or mental health conditions;
  • Provide any kind of psychological counselling;
  • Diagnose diseases, disabilities or other clinical conditions;