Job Purpose
The purpose of a fitness or group fitness instructor is to build fitness participation of new and existing members through fitness experiences that meet their needs.

Occupational Description
An Instructor delivers fitness instruction to individuals with the use of& equipment (Fitness Instructor) or to a group through fitness classes (Group Fitness Instructor). Both types of the occupation have the same purpose and require the same level of knowledge, skills and competences. Therefore, most of the requirements are the same for both occupation types. However, to be able to fulfil this purpose, each of the occupation types may require additional knowledge, skills and competences specific for that type.

Occupational Roles

  1. The fitness or group fitness instructor should be able to:
  2. Provide effective and safe fitness instruction
  3. Promote healthy lifestyle management
  4. Identify individual motives and resulting short, medium and long-term fitness goals
  5. Suggest relevant exercise adaptations or options to allow for individual client differences or needs
  6. Provide participants with advice on intensity and how to progress their individual performance and results
  7. Observe clients/members at all times and correct unsafe technique
  8. Display perfect technique at all times (posture, range of motion, control, timing and form)
  9. Positively interact and motivate clients/members using appropriate strategies in order to promote adherence to exercise.
  10. Deliver good customer service and be a positive role model at all times
  11. Promote healthy activities and related strategies for daily living to clients/members (lifestyle management)
  12. Promote customer referral: invite customers to bring friend and family along and promote their fitness activities in their social environment
  13. Promote a healthy and clean environment
  14. Work within the parameters given at Level 3, recognizing the standards and professional limitations that this provides, referring to appropriate members of staff for guidance and support.