Job Purpose
To teach clients individually or in a group, using matwork exercises based on the work of Joseph Pilates. To adapt these exercises according to the client’s needs and abilities.

Occupational Description
A Pilates matwork teacher’s role includes planning, teaching and adapting Pilates programmes for 1:1 and group matwork sessions across a range of clients. Information will be collected and analysed for each client, on a regular basis, to ensure that programmes are safe, appropriate and effective. As well as knowing the history of Pilates, a teacher must fully understand the Pilates Principles and apply these in their lesson planning and in their teaching. A Pilates teacher should teach in a supportive, non-competitive environment and have the skills to motivate and encourage clients to ensure their adherence to regular sessions.

Occupational Roles
A Pilates Teacher should be able to:

  1. Build rapport with, and collect information, from current and new clients. All such information to be treated in confidence.
  2. Implement appropriate pre-participation screening for new clients.
  3. Collect and analyse health and lifestyle information.
  4. Make the appropriate decisions relating to a client’s stated health status and goals and, where required, refer the client to a more appropriate professional.
  5. Provide a range of Pilates exercise programmes in accordance with the needs of clients by applying Pilates' principles, combined with consideration of common biomechanical and physiological knowledge. Review and adapt these programmes (progression/regression) as needed.
  6. Develop and apply strategies to motivate clients to join and adhere to a Pilates exercise programme.
  7. Deliver Pilates exercise sessions to individuals or groups drawing on Pilates principles, and tailor these sessions to their individual and collective needs
  8. Whilst teaching, observe clients’ technique and correct as needed. With this in mind, ensure that class sizes are kept to a level which allows the teacher to give sufficient personal attention to clients.
  9. Deliver good customer service and be a positive role model at all times, keeping up to date with sector developments.
  10. Promote Pilates as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  11. Provide emergency aid during or following a session, if required, and should hold a current qualification in Basic Life Support (CPR)