FACTS Academy


Fitness Professionalism Skills (FPS)


Course description and aims:
To equip the learners with the Knowledge, Skills and Attitude (KSA) required to master Fitness Professionalism Skills (soft skills) needed to promote and sell fitness product and services to prospects. As well utilizing FACTS technique and best practices of professional communication skills, Fitness Marketing and Sales skills to achieve the planned targets and goals.

 18 years old and over.
 High School graduates or equivalent studies.
 Good command of Arabic and English language.
 All associates that are in direct contact with clients.

Who should attend:
 Fitness program providers “personal trainers, instructors, and therapists in MENA region.
 Health, Fitness, SPA, sports, and wellness facility Membership consultant or advisor.
 Fitness equipment commercial team in MENA region

Learning Outcomes:

Course Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the course the learner will be able to:
1. Master professional communication skills to positively influence your team and clients.
2. Learn coaching and motivation strategies Influence your team and clients.
3. Learn how to increase client retention rate by studying exercises adherence (for fitness trainers)
4. Practice SMART goal setting and its effect increasing penetration rate.
5. Study the MENA market overview and apply SOWT analysis to penetrate new markets and client segment.
6. Master your own program, services, product and /or equipment and apply SWOT analysis to it.
7. Study your “consumer behaviour and drives” to buy your product.
8. Analysis your industry in MENA region using 5Ps of marketing mix.
9. Master sales process (pre-sales, during-sales and post-sale) applying 5Rs process.
10. Apply the practical motivation, coaching and presentation skills


LLP Category:

Course - Online / Face to Face

Suitable For:

Learning Type:

LLP Category 1

Learning Hours:




The Assessment:
 Practical assessment role play/ presentation، as every FP will be assessed individually on sales skills and a report of his theoretical and practical performance will submitted to management, with summative score of 60 point with agreed criteria.
 At the end of the course a theoretical final exam is 20 question for 40 point.
 Every workshop will be a performance assessment and score of 15 points for each day (total of 60 points) based on the learner interaction, performance and professionalism.
 FACTS assessment criteria will be explained to the learner and to be sent to the host (club/company manager)
 Learner will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the criteria during the course.
 Verbal OR written feedback will be given to the learner.