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Metabolic Training Workshop


High Intensity, Interval Training (HIIT), also called 'metabolic training' due to its metabolic effects.
Scientific research shows that when compared to medium and long-term endurance training, more results regarding health and fitness are achieved by spending up to 90% less training and up to 67% less time.
In a time when the time has become such a valuable commodity, HIIT's popularity is no surprise.
Research also suggests that this training method is not only limited to improving fitness (eg aerobic and anaerobic performance), but also provides positive health improvements in blood pressure, glucose sensitivity, cardiovascular diseases, but also increase in lean body weight and muscle strength due to exercise choice.
Another attractive aspect is that, compared to the traditional methods, it is observed that the participants who practice this method enjoy their workout more.

Learning Outcomes:

What will the participants learn at the end of this training:
- Will be able to learn and explain HIIT training concepts, scientifically proven health benefits in detail.
- They will learn application examples used by real champion athletes in their training from past to present.
- They will learn the popular HIIT application methods which are supported by scientific researches.
- They will be able to design a HIIT training program suitable for different goals (athletic performance, metabolic or physiological)
- They will be able to create healthy and safe HIIT training programs suitable for individuals who have different fitness levels
- They will be able to make exercise choices and progress according to the level of individuals.
- They will learn various HIIT training applications.
- They will learn how to do basic adaptation processes before advanced techniques and intensive exercise.
- In addition, they will learn the methods and benefits of HIIT training for patients with chronic health problems in clinical settings.


LLP Category:

Course - Online / Face to Face

Suitable For:

Personal Trainer (EQF L4)

Learning Type:

LLP Category 1

Learning Hours:




No assessment needed