Precision Nutrition


Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Health Coaching Certification


The PN Level 2 Master Health Coaching Certification is a comprehensive coaching education program, in which students will:

• Receive weekly asynchronous pre-recorded instructor-led lectures, usually between 2 to 4 per week. After engaging with these lectures students will be required to answer a set of reflection questions and thought exercises to complete their weekly lesson assignment.
• Be asked to review resources such as research papers or case studies most weeks in preparation for their live weekly sessions. Instructions will be provided in the synchronous lesson each week.
• Attend a synchronous 2-hour live weekly hands-on practice and learning sessions with their peers led by a PN Master Coach (required).
• Get applied coaching methods and resources that they can start practicing and implementing with their clients right away.
• Be asked to submit 3 written Case Study assignments — drawn from our own coaching programs — that help students practice their problem-solving, address real people’s issues, and explore some of the most current research in the field of coaching and nutrition.
• Be provided a progress overview on their today page helping them know where they are with meeting the course requirements. Having access to current and up-to-date information helps students stay on track, consistent, and accountable.
• Receive behind-the-scenes access to the Precision Nutrition “toolbox”, filled with coaching tools, techniques, and tips students can use immediately with their own clients.
• Receive guidance and support from a Precision Nutrition Master Coach. (Student requests for support are encouraged.)
• Access a private forum where students can ask questions, network with, and get support from their peers.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this Level 2 Certification, students will be able to:
• Be a self-aware and self-questioning coach.
• Develop strong working relationships with clients. They’ll learn how to use a client-centered approach, emphasizing empathy and the “coaching alliance”.
• Guide clients through all stages of the nutritional, lifestyle, and deep health coaching and consultation process.
• Identify, understand, and prioritize key coaching concepts, principles, and ideas, as well as distill practical applications from broader, more abstract theories.
• Use the right tools and techniques for the job at hand. They’ll learn and practice a wide range of skills and coaching methods and learn when to choose the correct ones for clients.


LLP Category:

Course - Online / Distance

Suitable For:

Fitness Instructor (EQF L3), Group Fitness Instructor (EQF L3)

Learning Type:

LLP Category 1

Learning Hours:




Successful completion of the 20-week core course involves:

• Completion of at least 75% of the weekly self-study lessons (15 of 20).
• Completion of at least 75% of the 4 assigned quizzes.
• Completion and pass of all three written case study assignments.
• Completion and pass of the 100-question final exam, with a score of 75% or higher.
• Attendance and participation verified in all 20 live sessions (2 hrs each week). NOTE: This requirement only applies to those students who are self-selecting the NBHWC


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