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PN Level 1 Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery Coaching Certification


How we respond to (and recover from) stress, including how we sleep, can affect many aspects of life, such as our health, our mood, our athletic performance, and our relationships — for better or worse.

This Certification will help coaches understand how stress and recovery work, and how sleep functions as part of a broader recovery plan that also includes nutrition, movement, and stress management techniques. We’ll look at the topic in different ways to see how stress, recovery, and sleep are complex and inter-related.
We’ll show coaches how to develop programs to help different types of clients (and themselves) build skills to sleep, recover, and deal with stress better.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this Certification, learners will be able to:
Identify common stressors, key recovery modalities, and ideal behaviors in sleep rituals — as well as how they shape client behavior and outcomes.
Understand both the short- and long-term effects and illnesses that can result from chronic stress, inadequate recovery, and poor sleep.
Assess the value of common tools and gadgets used to measure and track stress, recovery, and sleep for individual situations.
Explain the variation in the experience of stress and capacity for recovery among different clients — so you can fully grasp how individual experiences fit into the broader context of deep health.
Apply best practices to every client interaction when it comes to sleep, stress, and recovery — like identifying the “big rocks” in a recovery routine, determining appropriate progress metrics, evaluating client progress, and using outcome-based decision making.
Help clients who are dealing with universal sleep, stress, and recovery “disruptors” like shift work, aging, parenthood, and more.
Look at health and wellbeing more holistically — and see how sleep, stress, and recovery connect to all aspects of your and your clients’ lives.
Analyze the macro- and micro- levels of stress and recovery, starting from the genes and proteins that regulate sleep, to the systemic disparities in stress, recovery, and health outcomes.
Evaluate your own levels of stress, recovery, and sleep quality, and use this information to create your own self-coaching plan.
Use your new skills to guide your clients through personalized, comprehensive plans that help them: handle stress more effectively, sleep better and longer, and recover so they can perform their best and face anything that life throws at them.


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Course - Online / Distance

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LLP Category 1

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The course includes 25 chapter exams, with a total of 280 questions.


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