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Juergen Kieweg

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Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

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My education was based on studies health science (teacher for physio therapists, nutrition advisors, nurses, …) and many trainer / personal trainer / yoga teacher / functional training schoolings. I work in the fitness field since 12 years. Here at Black Label Club Kaufinger Str. I have the EREPS 4 Personal Trainer Certificate giving me the ability to work for fitness first and in Europe as Personal Trainer.

My wife is Canadian, we live in Munich, work self employed, with rental systems (fitness & lifestyle studios, fitness first black label, munich gym, physio line) and have a great clientel for private coaching, yoga and company fitness (boston consulting, stratley, mc kinsey, …) personal training, yoga.

The focus of my training is a mixture of functional training, outdoor programmes, cross fit, yoga elements, weight loss weeks, health orientated weight training, burnout prevention, yoga and breathing, meditation, visualization, vitalization and energetic balance of body and mind. I can train clients on more physical or mental levels. The main thing is bringing my clients into very positive feelings, bliss in yoga, motivation, happiness, inspiration for a clear and positive life. As I lived one year with my yoga teacher in india (nature, fire place, dschungle) I learned also the ancient traditional yoga teachings. Of course I do also Fintess & Power Yoga Styles.

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