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Personal Trainer, EQF L6 - Graduate Exercise Professional, Master Trainer - Personal Trainer

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I started my career related to all my sport experiences and studies as a personal fitness coach and instructor after graduating in physical education studies in 2010 and 2013. I decided to move back to Malta in 2015. During many years working in the fitness field, meeting and coaching many people from all over the world. All the clients/club members have especially nowadays different needs and goals. As a personal trainer and health care professional no matter what needs they claim, will always motivate and push them to reach their various goals and lead them to have a better, fitter and healthier lifestyle. I also got the opportunity to hold fitness lessons privately to children in 2018 and join Sportmalta the governing sport organization of the Maltese Islands in 2019. It is not easy task to instruct, supervise a gymnasium or to hold various sport lessons to children. The challenge will be always there and each lesson and personal training is unique in its way! Thank you for dedicating your minutes and reading about me. Do not hesitate to contact me. Best wishes!

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