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Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Master Trainer - Personal Trainer

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I have worked in the industry since 1993 having served in the British Military for 16 years. Having moved from my home near Newcastle UK to Malta in 1995 I slowly built up my business and established myself as self employed in 2007 with my own company "ChicPhysique (". My niche market is the more mature clients over 40 and I have established a large clientele base over the years. I have a diploma in Sports Science, I am a PT4, Football coach and various other qualifications in the fitness industry and continue to expand my knowledge in anyway I can.
In 1999 I also set up my own charity, LifeCycle Foundation ( which raises money for persons suffering from renal failure. Each year we organise an extreme cycling challenge to various places around the world, travelling to over 50 countries, and managing to raise in the region of 3 million Euros.
In 2017 I linked up with Fitness Academy Europe and I am now heavily involved in teaching the courses which the company offers. I believe strongly in their philosophy and teaching ideals and consider their courses the best on offer.
My only hobby is sport and fitness and I describe my age as "62 going on 18"

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