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United Arab Emirates

Personal Trainer, Master Trainer - Personal Trainer

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Hi There ,
I've been interested in Fitness & Bodybuilding for 13 years. I started my coaching career in 2013. I am a licensed trainer and licensed fitness competitor under the Turkish Ministry of Sports. I am Genetic Trainer affiliated with London DNAfit Academy since 2019
I have been successfully continuing my profession as a freelancer in the Dubai United Arab Emirates for 2.5 years, depending on the Register of Exercise Professionals Community (REPs UAE). I am also a Personal Trainer affiliated with the NCCA accredited National Council on Strenght & Fitness (NCSF) in America.I am currently continuing the "Master Trainer" program under the National Council on Strength Fitness.
Also, depending on Medical Exercise Training Institute (METI) in America , my Post-Rehab, Medical Exercise Specialist, MedXPro program is still continuing.
.. and from now on, as a Master Trainer, I will be with you to increase your quality of life and reach your goals with higher level knowledge and methods.

I'm also proud to say that , I received the 'Best Personal Trainer' award at the 2022 Business and Professional Awards across the United Arab Emirates

The following are my specializations that I am entitled to receive and continue ;

●Register of Exercise Professionals REPs UAE - Category A Personal Trainer (iCREPS) United Arab Emirates
●Medical Exercise Training Enstitute METI -MedXpro - Post Rehab , Medical Exercise Specialist Program (Education Continues)
●National Council on Strenght and Fitness NCSF - Master Trainer Program
•National Council on Strenght and Fitness NCSF Certified Personal Trainer (NCCA,EuropeActive Approved) Done
•National Council on Strenght and Fitness NCSF Sport Nutrition Specialist (Education Continues)
•National Council on Strenght and Fitness NCSF Certified Strenght Coach (Education Continues)
●Ereps QF Level 4 Master Trainer - Personal Trainer
●Static and Dinamic Posture Analysis with Preventive and Corrective Exercise Specialist ( NCSF,EREPS Approved )
●NCSF-Certified Personal Trainer ( NCCA,EuropeActive Approved )
●DNAFit Academy (Genetic)Trainer from UK
●Muscle Building and Hypertrophy ( NCSF,EREPS Approved )
●TECHNOGYM Group Cycle Trainer
Instagram : trainwithelvan.dxb
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