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Milena Nicolaus

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Personal Trainer, Master Trainer - Personal Trainer

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I am a personal trainer, who is specialized in movement and performance therapy. The main pillars of this specialization are:

- Injury prevention through mobility training
- Athletic performance optimization through strategic periodization.

Mobilization is more than stretching, it is a practice that teaches how to create better space to move in. It is about assesing factors that can limit movement and showing how to create awareness. The second pillar of my specialisation is focused on optimizing athletic performance through injury prevention and decreasing the risk of injuries. I help athletes to progressively restore their fundamental movements and to create safe adaptations in order to meet sport-specific demands.

In addition, I am a pre-and postpartum coach. It is a great pleasure for me to work with pregnant women. Being a mom, myself, I understand the importance of professional guidance by certified coach during pregnancy and beyond. Physical activity during pregnancy is extremely benefitial for both, the mother and the foetus. I elaborate balanced and progressive fitness programs for pregnant women during every stage of the pregnancy, so that they can be optimally prepared for giving birth. The post partum period is a very delicate period and the main goal of exercising is rehabilitation and recovery. I navigate my clients trought the forth trimester in a safe way and progressive manner.

Healthy lifestyle and fitness have always been leading subjects of interests for me, therefore I offer my clients a holistic training approach including nutritional consultations. I aim at teaching my clients that they are capable of surpassing their limits and achieving more than expected. To do so, I always try to challenge them with new training structures and different equipment.

My life motto: Stay in motion! Never stop learning! Be grateful!

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