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Dave Gillessen

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Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

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I am a Certified Personal Trainer living and working in Amsterdam. After graduating from Nyenrode Business University with a Masters in Management, I first chose to pursue a career in this field. After working as a Quality Assurance Manager for several years, I realized that I needed a new challenge. So, I decided to turn my passion for sports, and particularly fitness, into my career! I quit my job and started with the necessary education and training programs, leading to me now being a highly qualified Personal Trainer. After achieving this goal, I am very motivated to keep growing in the health, fitness industry by continuing my education and by searching for new experiences!

My career change has given me new energy, and I am thrilled that now I am able to share my passion for fitness with my clients, motivating them to achieve their own health and fitness goals. I find it very gratifying to help other people get the most out of themselves every single day!

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