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Personal Trainer, Master Trainer - Personal Trainer

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I am a Personal, Family and Corporate Trainer (PT) since 2015. I have 7 years of International fitness experience in India, Russia and Germany. I believe in the concept of Fitness forever. I don’t just change people's habits, I change people's lives. I offer varieties of training- Yoga, Endurance, Strength & Conditioning, Hypertrophy, Functional and Cardio. I also hold experiences to transform any body into desired one within 4-5 months* just by doing regular workouts and having clean natural diets. I speak 4 languages: German, English, Russian and Hindi.

My motto is to "MAKE THE WORLD FIT" and to achieve "SUSTAINABLE FITNESS" for everyone. Fitness is a lifestyle which can be developed with daily healthy activities and active routine. I have dealt with all age groups of people and with medical conditions. I offer both ONLINE and OFFLINE trainings as well.

Additional certifications and participations:
1. Fitness Nutrition Specialist, 2021
2. NASM: Navigating Diets, 2021
3. NASM: Understanding Food Labels & Portion Sizes, 2021
4. NASM: Making Sense of Supplements, 2021
5. ACE IFT® Model: Program Design for Every Client, 2020
6. Asia EduFit Summit, 2019
7. Body Transformation Specialist Level 2, 2019
8. Effect of Hormones on Exercise and Performance, 2016
9. Practical Pointers for Group Fitness, 2016
10. Asia Fitness Conference & Expo 2015
11. Contemporary Topics in Nutrition, 2015

Contact, Telegram: @abhi_btbf2
Fb/Insta: @hhealthywealthy

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