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Personal Trainer

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Jean-Fran├žois Lopez is a French instructor based in Bratislava, Slovakia.

He teaches to real-life individuals, who have a demanding job, a lovely family they want to spend time with and still want to stay in good physical condition.

Coaching is done both online and in person, adapted to your constraints.

Depending on your goals, needs and constraints, he will deliver a tailor-made program, just for you.
Coaching is mostly done in a one-on-one format, so that all attention can be paid to details.

The modality of choice can be kettlebell, bodyweight, barbell or a mix of those. Once again, the choice depends of your goals, needs and constraints.

JF is a certified personal trainer (ACE-PT), a certified StrongFirst Elite instructor (kettlebell, bodyweight, barbell), a certified Functional movement specialist (FMS2, FCS, YBT), a certified mobility and flexibility instructor (Flexible steel level 2), as well as one of the few certified breathing experts (Certified advanced Oxygen advantage instructor and Buteyko practitioner).

He is always refining his knowledge and practical experience.

With him, you are not going to be linked to one tool or one way of thinking, but you will be able to train safely, effectively, the way that is most convenient for you.

As a French living for a long time in central Europe, he can teach in English, French, Czech, Slovak and Spanish.

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