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Sanela Letic

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Fitness Instructor

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Master's degree in economy (management), full time bank manager with 15 years of experience in a financial sector. A fitness enthusiast for many years, advanced training program participant (functional training, body building, hard body training protocol), it was inevitable that I would transition into the field as a fitness professional. I obtained a certificate as an EREPS fitness instructor Level 3 and am now a fitness instructor and owner of a successful business - fitness center (Infinity Fitness) where I combine my experience acquired as a trainer and a trainee. I believe that both perspectives are as equally important in implementing the workout routine, especially in aspects such as understanding the members, their capacity, their possibilities and motivation. I try to incorporate my own personal experience and the experience of respected colleagues in forming the best possible exercise program for my members, both individually and in group training. I learned that keeping good spirits and motivation is the key factor. I hope to be able to continue to work, develop and grow in this field for years to come, as it is rewarding, useful and often life-changing for all those included.

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